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Responsive Business Mailing Lists

Increase your bottom line by utilizing the most responsive B2B mailing lists on the market today. In addition to our National U.S. Business Database, we also offer a full portfolio of direct response and subscription business lists.

If you don’t see the target mailing list you need here just call us toll free at 1.800.457.2899 and we will provide you with a free list recommendation report.

What is a Mailing List Data Card?

Think of our business mailing list data cards as a summary sheet for each business data list that we provide.

If you are ready to launch a direct marketing campaign to grow your business, you need a targeted marketing list. If the campaign is focused on reaching a B2B audience, you will likely want to explore a list of options related to the business mailing list you are looking for. Your list provider will often send you a “Datacard” to show you all of the possible demographics (information) on the specific list you want to purchase.

The Datacard will give you a clear and detailed understanding of precisely what that specific targeted mailing list has to offer for your marketing campaign. At Amerilist Direct Marketing Solutions we manage and market a huge portfolio of business mailing, telemarketing, and email lists. Our Datacard library has some of our most popular lists.

Understading A Datacard

The information you will find on a B2B List Datacard can range from:

List Name- The name of the business mailing list or database.

List Universe- A total quantity of names available for License or Rental.

Data Usage- In the list business, names are always rented or licensed for one-time or multiple use.

List Base Price- The starting cost to rent or use the list. Generally presented as $/M (cost per thousand names).

General Info on List or Database " List Description"- This is a summary of what the list is made up of and who may be included in the database.

National Count- If you’re looking to segment a list by a specific geographic area you will request that from your list broker.

List Update Date- How old is the list and when was it last updated.

Mailing List Source- Probably the most important item on a business list Datacard is how the data list is generated or compiled.

List Selection or Selects Available- This is how we will segment your list by firmographics or demographics to build your targeted customer audience.

How Lists Can Be Formatted?- How we send your data to you and what format it’s available in.

List Minimums or Min Order- When buying a list or database there is often a minimum number of names you are required to purchase.

List Fulfillment/Turnaround- How fast we are able to deliver your purchased list to you

List Terms & Conditions- All you need to know about using your list, payments, cancellations, etc. How the data is shipped and what may be included.

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