Direct mail lists are alive and well. Regardless of all the new variations of customer acquisition marketing, the performance of direct mail lists is still quite outstanding. Its success lies in its ability to be flexible, cost-effective, and user-friendly, but most importantly, measurable.

“According to a recent Direct Mail Association (DMA) report, 65% of consumers made a purchase as result of direct mail lists.”

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Direct Mail Marketing Brokers List

As a direct mail list broker, we supply our clients with an effective, proven marketing form that can help your business connect with new potential customers. When you work with the AmeriList direct mail marketing team, you get access to an array of solutions all under one roof. As a full service direct mail marketing list solutions provider, we give our clients the advantage of dealing with one source for all their direct marketing needs.

Achieve Measurable Results

Direct mail lists provide a measurable way to engage new prospective clients, elevate response rates and increase sales revenues. As your direct mail list brokers partner you can count on us to provide superior, consultative service and expert knowledge. When you need to get your message into the hands of prospective clients, direct mail list works. Call one of our experienced direct mail lists brokers specialist for a complimentary consultation today 1.800.457.2899 or email us at