In addition to our complied lists, we have access to over 65,000 Specialty Lists that are on the market today. Our list brokers can help you develop a list rental recommendation based on your specific targeting objectives.

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Customized Lists Fitting Your Needs

No matter what market niche you’re targeting, we have the precise mailing list for your offer. Our specialty mailing lists brokers are experienced in working with list owners and managers to help our clients secure the best databases at the most aggressive discounts. You can count on us for a consultative approach, detailed analysis of recommended lists and expert price negotiations.

Direct Response - Subscription Lists

Whether it’s a subscriber mailing list, direct response mailing list or a mail order buyers list, we have relationships with all the leading publishers and list managers. Our experience and buying power has put us in the forefront of the industry. We are experts at negotiating the best net name arrangements, and getting access to unique databases. Do not hesitate to call us for your next list of Brides to Be, Expectant Mothers, Prenatal or Postnatal, High School Seniors, Magazine Subscribers, Catalog Buyers and much more.

Some of our specialty lists include:

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Specialty Mailing Lists

Specialty Postal
Acupuncturists Mailing List 25,840
Aircraft owners Mailing List 235,548
Ambulatory Medical Facility Personnel Mailing List 43,402
Audiologists Mailing List 43,402
Beauty Industry Personnel Mailing List 2,174,880
Boat Owners Mailing List 256,496
Case Managers Mailing List 18,715
Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) Mailing List 629,163
Chiropractors Mailing List 93,990
Clinical Laboratory Personnel Mailing List 65,559
Clinical Nurse Specialists Mailing List 15,212
Clubs & Organizations-USA Mailing List 1,319,706
Consultants Mailing List 49,723
Corporate Counsel Mailing List 17,052
Dental Assistants Mailing List 125,919
Dental Hygienists Mailing List 183,127
Dentists Mailing List 271,201
Dieticians & Nutritionists Mailing List 49,041
Doctors (Physicians & Surgeons) Mailing List 1,400,580
Genetic Counselors Mailing List 1,205
HazMat Generating Plants & Facilities Mailing List 259,705
Hospital Decision Makers & Personnel Mailing List 105,569
Lawyers/Attorneys Mailing List 981,575
Libraries Mailing List 24,157
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Mailing List 21,151,830
Marriage and Family Therapists Mailing List 79,978
Medical & Healthcare Office Managers Mailing List 317,175
Medical Laboratory Personnel Mailing List 53,578
Medical Technicians Mailing List 14,339
Mental Health Counselors Mailing List 163,267
Nurse Anesthetist (CRNAs) Mailing List 51,978
Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) Mailing List 51,978
Specialty Postal
Nurse Midwife Mailing List 6,650
Nurse Practitioner Mailing List 128,540
Nurses (RN, LPN, NP, APN, etc...) Mailing List 6,980,139
Registered Nurses ( RNs ) Mailing List 3,915,530
Nursing Homes Mailing List 15,675
Occupational Therapists Mailing List 133,660
Occupational Therapist Assistant Mailing List 41,196
Optometrists Mailing List 51,813
Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Executives Mailing List 223,525
Pharmacists Mailing List 332,199
Pharmacist Intern Mailing List 27,940
Pharmacy Technician Mailing List 220,395
Physical Therapists Mailing List 259,541
Physical Therapist Assistant Mailing List 107,263
Physician and Surgeon Mailing List 1,400,580
Physician Assistants Mailing List 78,038
Pilots Mailing List 561,470
Podiatrists Mailing List 19,710
Political Donors Mailing List 3,054,778
Professional Counselors Mailing List 112,799
Psychologists Mailing List 78,740
Radiologic/X-Ray Technologists Mailing List 253,127
Real Estate Brokers & Sales Execs Mailing List 1,968,998
Rehabilitation Facility Personnel Mailing List 19,749
Respiratory Therapists Mailing List 168,716
Rx Prescribing Professionals Mailing List 1,179,921
Social Workers Mailing List 394,015
Speech & Hearing Therapists Mailing List 145,450
Speech Pathologists Mailing List 100,534
Tax Practitioners/Preparers Mailing List 188,116
Truck Owners Mailing List 1,230,540
Veterinarians Mailing List 91,657