The last thing you want is to check your mailbox and find constant reminders of your loved one's absence. With AmeriList’s deceased suppression services, we will flag and remove the records of deceased individuals from your mailing lists. Our deceased scrub service is fueled by data that is derived from the social security administration records and other data sources.

  • Aggregated from a multitude of public and proprietary sources, updated regularly
  • Fueled by data that is derived from the Social Security Administration records and other data sources
  • We use powerful Merge/Purge accuracy and pattern recognition techniques to identify and suppress records
  • User-defined matching options, various ranges of tight to loose match rates
  • Typical suppression rates from 1% to 6% based on market area
  • Reduces printing and postage costs by eliminating deceased individuals from your list before mailing
  • Minimize insensitive situations by deleting deceased individuals before mailing
  • Dedicated customer support

Amerilist offers a range of data quality services that are designed to help you keep your data up to date. Using deceased screening or deceased data suppression sometimes referred to as mortality screening will help you keep your marketing and contact data in tip-top shape. Our DP team will help you identify individuals who have died. These name can then be flagged or deleted/remove from your lists.

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