Whether you're dealing with duplicates on your in-house lists, you need to merge multiple prospecting lists or you need to suppress do-not-mail records our data processing specialists can help solve your problems.

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Save Money And Create A Profitable Marketing Plan

There is nothing worse than finding duplicates on your marketing lists. Duplicate names can be a waste of printing, postage and money! Our merge/purge solutions give you the power to clean and eliminate duplicates on your lists based on an individual or household matching level.

We use state-of-the-art software and matching logic to help you find true duplicates and save money. As with all of our services, we pride ourselves on fast turnaround times, complete confidentiality and superior customer service.

Merge Purge Work Includes

  • Merging multiple lists into one database, while removing duplicate names.
  • Creating a multi-buyer file: Names that occur in at least two or more input lists (based on your criteria).
  • Creating a household-only file: Only one name per unique mailing address.
  • Direct Marketing Association’s Do Not Mail file suppression.
  • Deceased file processing: eliminate names of the deceased from your list.

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