Our data processing team specializes in providing data quality solutions designed to help you better manage your existing data. We have helped organizations achieve more powerful insight into who their customers and prospects are.

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Remove Duplicates, Verify and Append

Our data processing services help direct marketers achieve and maintain better data quality. In addition to marketing data, Amerilist offers a complete line of IT solutions designed to make your database and direct marketing efforts even more productive. Our solutions will help you harness the power of your existing customer database which is probably one of your most under-utilized and valuable assets. Let us help you put this asset to work.

Data Enhancement

We can help you improve your customer database with our database enhancement services. Amerilist helps you learn more about who your customers are, identify cross-selling opportunities, start a telemarketing campaign to customers for whom you previously did not have telephone numbers, append valuable email information or segment your existing customers according to demographics and lifestyle information. More

Merge / Purge

Eliminate duplicates with our Merge/Purge processing. Whether you have duplicates on your database or would like to merge multiple prospecting databases, we can find and keep only the best records for your campaign. Duplicate names on your list are a waste of printing, postage and money. Our Merge/Purge service will clean up lists based on individual name, address, household or a customized criteria. More

Take Address Integrity seriously!

Update your address information prior to mailing and reduce undeliverable mail with our postal processing solutions. Our data processing team are experts in the information management field, so you’re certain to get the best results. More

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