List Information

How Are Your Lists Compiled?

AmeriList partners with the largest compilers of data in the US. We have access to over 60,000 different databases. There are numerous sources for data depending on what type of list is needed, what type of product you're offering and what demographics you need to incorporate. Our compilers and list owners compile their lists from self-reported data, proprietary data, and public record information. These sources range from: business yellow pages, telephone directories, public records, corporate & executive registers, postal records, surveys, census data, self-reported, warranty card registration, subscriptions, opt-in email responses, government records, mail and telephone inquiries, voter registration, and telemarketing efforts.

When Do You Update Your Data?

Most major compilers update their data on a monthly or quarterly basis. Each list may vary based on list type or compiler. AmeriList will always get you the most updated lists on the market. See our deliverability guarantee for more information.

How Often Can I Use The Data?

There are two forms of list usage: one-time use and unlimited usage for one year. With one time use you are allowed use of the list one time (this is mostly applied to orders for labels) for an additional cost a list may be rented for multiple uses for one year. All compiled lists are seeded with decoy names that will track the usage of the list. If you purchase a list for one-time use and would like to reuse the list, you may do so for “reuse” charge if approved by the list owner.

How Do I Order My List?

Ordering your list is very simple. You can order your list by faxing in an order to 1.845.362.6433, email ( or by calling your AmeriList representative at 1.800.457.2899.

How Quickly Will I Receive My Order?

At AmeriList, we understand that time is a valuable asset; that’s why we make it our business to save you as much time as possible. It’s our goal to always have the data back to you within 24 hours of ordering your product.

How Will My List Be Arranged?

Most lists are arranged in zip code order unless specified otherwise.

How Can I Receive My Data?

You can receive your data in a number of ways, including:

  • Electronically - This is the quickest route to receive your data. You will receive an email containing a zip file with your data included. The list can be delivered to you in either excel format or an ASCII comma-delimited text file.
  • CD-ROM - This disk will give you the ability to access your data at any time from your desktop and print your data in any format necessary.
  • Magnetic Tape - 9 track, 1600 or 6250 bit-per-inch reel-to-reel tape; this format is widely used by letter shops and data houses for data transfers, mail merges/purges and file suppression.
  • Cheshire Labels – The letter shop standard – Cheshire labels may only be affixed by machine.
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels – The best label for small mail runs or in-house mailings, These labels can either be hand or machine fixed.
  • 3×5 Sales Leads Cards – Perfect for your telemarketing team to keep track of calls and valuable call information.
  • Index Cards – Use these cards for distribution of prospects to sales offices or to dealers for telephone sales.

What Is A Net Name Arrangement?

A net name arrangement is an agreement between the mailer and the list manager to guarantee a certain percentage of names delivered will be billed. This comes in handy when purchasing multiple list from different companies that need to be merged together to remove any duplicates. The mailer agrees to pay for a certain percentage of names at full price, and the names that are not used due to duplication are only paid for by a minimal run charge.

Can I Order A Portion Of A List?

You may purchase a portion of a list by selecting a portion called an nth. When you purchase a set of records by nth, the records are marked so that you can come back at a later date and purchase the remainder of the unused records

How Do I Get Removed From A List?

If your name appeared on a list that was given to you by us and you would like to be removed from the mailing list, please give us your name and information, and we will forward it to the compiler of the list to be removed. You may also contact the DMA (Direct Mail Association) to have your name removed. Call 212-768-7277 or mail them at

Direct Marketing Association
1120 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036-6700
Telephone Number 212-768-7277

Are Your Lists Do-Not-Call Compliant?

All lists that are provided to you from AmeriList that include consumer phone numbers must be scrubbed against the Do Not Call Registry. A valid SAN (Subscription Account Number) must be provided to AmeriList prior to ordering to have list scrubbed against the Do Not Call Registry. For more information on a Subscription Account Number please visit

What Geography Selections Are Available?

You may use any of the following geography selects to create your list: State, county, city, zip code, zip code radius, SCF, carrier route, metropolitan area (MSA), area code and prefix, census tract and block groups.

Do You Require A Sample Or Script?

Some compilers will require a sample mail piece or telemarketing script when purchasing a list. The requirements will vary from compiler to complier and list to list. All requirements of the compilers are strictly adhered to by AmeriList. If the required information is not provided to AmeriList we will not be able to provide the list.

What Is The Difference Between A Compiled And A Response List?

Compiled Lists are lists of people or businesses that are built from published, public sources such as yellow pages and phone books. These lists are the best source for reaching large groups of people or business. The response rate and price for compiled lists are normally lower than a response list. Response Lists are lists of people that are proven direct mail buyers, responders and subscribers. These names have been pulled from an actual response from the consumer such as magazine subscriptions, shoppers of certain stores or companies, buyers of certain products, attendees of seminars etc. These lists tend to have better response rates than their compiled counterparts.

Does Amerilist sell mailing lists and data to list brokers and resellers?

Yes we do. As a matter of fact our wholesale mailing list division is one of our fastest growing revenue groups. All of our mailing list resellers including list brokers, printers, advertising agencies and marketing service providers get special wholesale pricing. We also provide our wholesale mailing list for clients with online access to counts and orders. Our wholesale list brokers are treated like partners here at Amerilist, Inc. Just call and ask for a whole representative.

What happens if I already have a customer or prospect list in my CRM and I want to avoid paying for duplicate names when I purchase a mailing list?

At no additional cost we provide mailing list suppressions. This process allows you to scrub the new prospect mailing list or marketing data that you are acquiring to remove duplicates from your in-house file.

What is a SAN "Subscription Account Number" number and why do I need it?

If you are a business who is telemarketing to individual or consumers, you are required to scrub your list and remove anyone who is on the Do Not Call ( DNC ) list to be compliant with TCPA provision. In order to access the Do Not Call List you must register with the FTC at once you are registered you will receive your SAN#, which is proof that you are authorized to access the DNC List. Companies who are telemarketing are entitled to receive their first five area codes free.

* When you place an order for a telemarketing list, Amerilist will scrub your telemarketing list against the Federal Do Not Call List at no additional charge, you will be required to provide a SAN#.

Are you exempt from DNC ( Do Not Call ) requirements? Some companies are exempt from the DNC rules. Ask your sales associate if you fall into one of those categories?

Company Information

Who is AmeriList?

Amerilist offers data and direct marketing services to businesses to help them find more new customers and increase their sales. Our products include mailing list, telemarketing list, and email marketing lists, graphic design, printing and mail house services, data processing, social media marketing, web design and promotional products.

In a nutshell, we have a portfolio of services that are designed to help you identify the best prospects to market your product or service too and the resources to help you deliver a compelling message directly to them.


What Is The Pricing For Each List?

The pricing for each list will vary depending on the type of list being used and what information is being given. Each price is quoted in cost per thousand plus any select charges.

What Is The Minimum Order Amount?

There is a minimum order with each list that is either set by volume amount or dollar amount. Please inquire with your AmeriList representative for each specific minimum.

Do You Offer Volume Discounts?

Volume and frequency discounts are available to all customers. Please inquire with your sales representative if you are going to be purchasing in high volume or frequent time frame.

How Can I Pay For My List?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Wire Transfer, Money Order and check by fax. If you would prefer to mail your payment in please be aware that your product will not be shipped until payment has been received and cleared. Checks may be mailed to the following address. AmeriList Inc. 40 Ramland Road So Suite 203B Orangeburg, NY 10962.

Do You Offer Commissions?

Recognized List Brokers and Agencies can receive commissions on most lists. Please inquire with your representative for percentages.

Is There A Cost To Reproduce A File?

There will be a 50% charge of the original amount, plus any shipping charges that would apply to duplicate the file you have already received.

Do I pay a list broker more for a mailing list?

No. When you work with a list broker they are paid by the mailing list owner and often can ensure you get more aggressive discounts from the list owner or publisher.

Returns And Credits

What Is Your Return Or Exchange Policy?

List orders are not subject to returns or exchanges. Orders that are cancelled after shipping will be charged 50% of the order amount plus any applicable shipping charges.

What Is Your Deliverability Guarantee?

Each compiler has their own deliverability guarantee that they maintain. This guarantee is honored and passed to the customer by AmeriList. We guarantee each mailing list to be 95% deliverable. If you have purchased a mailing list or mailing labels, AmeriList will refund five cents on any undelivered mail piece over 5%, and 30 cents per mail piece for any undeliverable over 15% and is subject to an absolute limit equivalent to the amount paid by you to AmeriList under the invoice. To qualify for a refund, the original mailing must take place within 30 days of receiving the list. Also, to receive the credit for undeliverables, all mailing pieces, stamped undelivered or undeliverable by the U.S. Post Office, must be returned to AmeriList within 60 days of the date that the list or labels were received by you. All rebates that are granted will be returned in the form of a credit on a future order. No monetary refund will be offered. The Guarantee does not apply to duplicate copies of original labels, magnetic tape reuse or telephone numbers.

Does AmeriList Inc. Offer Credit To Qualified Customers?

As a professional courtesy, AmeriList does offer “Net 30 Terms” to qualified customers. In order to apply for a credit account, the following is necessary:

  • Customer must have a history of prepayment: We require you to have at least three prepaid orders.
  • Completed AmeriList Credit Application: A pre-printed customer credit application is acceptable, however it must be accompanied with a signed AmeriList credit application.
  • At least four trade references: Please supply us with four references upon application completion

Once we receive all of your information, AmeriList will review your application. Credit conditions will be granted based on a review of the business relationship, number of orders placed, size of orders, your bank and trade references as well as information received from one or more business credit sources. You will be notified in writing if your application has been approved or declined. Please allow at least three business days for this process.

Did you have a question that wasn't addressed on this page? Call us toll-free 1. 800.457.2899 or email us and a highly trained direct marketing specialists will assist you with the answers you need.