Why Use a List Broker? 

The most successful businesses know that scatter-shot marketing is rarely effective. While the idea of getting your brand name or products in front of as many people as possible sounds like the best approach, many of those people may actually have no need for your products or services. Marketing to them is a waste of time and resources. This is why sending direct marketing mailers to everyone in a neighborhood, city, or even state is rarely worth the cost. Instead, you need to take a much more selective approach and target only those potential customers who would have a need for what you offer. But how do you create this list of interested people? That’s where a list broker comes in. There are several benefits of hiring a professional list brokers. We have curated a checklist of How Having A List Broker Can Benefit You?

What Do List Brokers Do?

Many businesses find a list company and buy lists of potential customers from that company. However, this limits the number of lists and potentially the number of customers you can reach. You may find that the list company doesn’t have the lists you really need, but they may tell you that those lists don’t exist. They don’t want you buying lists from their competitors, so they will do whatever it takes to keep you with them.


List brokers, on the other hand, don’t actually gather data or build mailing lists. Instead, they act as a go-between and do much of the work for you. You tell the broker what you need, and the broker goes out and looks at all the mailing lists offered by multiple companies. They find the list that best meets your needs and facilitates the purchase. There are several reasons why working with list brokers instead of with list owners directly is more beneficial.


They Have Access to Thousands of Lists

If you wanted to compare lists from multiple companies, you would have to reach out to those companies and establish working relationships with their representatives. Often, these representatives work to convince you to work only with their company. They may not even share useful information about their lists until you have agreed to purchase them. A list broker, on the other hand, already has these established relationships. The list owners will share as much information as possible with the brokers because they want to have the list that best meets your needs. They are competing for your business more directly, and they know it.


They Work with Reputable List Owners

Brokers know that if they work with list owners who don’t have a great reputation or who sell low-quality lists, they will get a reputation for being a poor broker. To avoid this, a list brokerage firm will carefully vet the list managers they work with to make certain they are offering their customers high quality, verified lists. You don’t have to worry about doing this vetting work yourself.


It Saves Time

Another benefit to brokers and their established relationships is that it saves you time. They can very quickly see what list owners have to offer and compare those offerings to find what works best for you. You don’t need to spend any time doing this work. Instead, you can focus on preparing your marketing plan so when the broker brings you the best list options, you can pick one and immediately launch your campaign.


Should You Work with a List Broker?

If you need to purchase multiple mailing lists that focus on different customer bases, it can be difficult to do so. One list company may not have all the information you need, but finding another company takes time. List brokers are ideal because they can quickly find the exact list you need, and they won’t pressure you into signing any contracts or buying lists that don’t perfectly fit your needs.


A list brokerage firm will get you the mailing data you need quickly, allowing you to launch your next direct mailer without spending a lot of your own time dealing with list owners. You save time, and often, money because the broker is able to find the lists you need at the best prices. List brokers are certainly the best option for those who regularly need to buy mailing lists.

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