How Effective Plastic Postcards and Direct Mailers Are? 

How Effective Plastic Postcards and Direct Mailers Are? Part 1

Plastic postcards and direct mailers are non-arguably the most effective customer acquisition marketing strategy to target specific audiences for several reasons. In the digital age, when the power of direct mailing is combined with attractive plastic postcards, businesses enjoy the advantage of leaving a much better impact on the audience along with stunning results.


The rise in the utilization of clear postal cards and direct mail is not a new phenomenon. At points in the digital transformation, many debated whether or not both the channels would survive in the 21st century. However, given the versatility they offer through newsletters, brochures, magazines, catalogues, and more, both forms of contact have proven their worth to all kinds of businesses.


In our attempt to demystify plastic postcards and direct mails' effectiveness, we will break down the issue into two parts. How Effective Plastic Postcards and Direct Mail Are? Part 1 shall focus on the features of both and How Effective Plastic Postcards and Direct Mail Are? Part 2 will exclusively decode the reasons that make them a practical element of marketing & advertising strategy.


Why Do Businesses Love Plastic Postcards and Direct Mailers To Communicate?

As per the Direct Mail Association (DMA), 65% of the consumers make their purchase due to deep and intuitive impressions that handling tangible objects leave on the human mind. Thus stressing the need to Hire a Professional Direct Mail Service Company that can connect your business with new potential customers.


Plastic postcards and direct mailers

What's common in postcard mailing and direct mail marketing is that both means involve sending a physical piece of promotional material to the consumers' homes through courier services


Both are unique ways to send messages to the targeted audiences, which work exceptionally well for promotional events, deadline offers, and encouraging recipients to act fast. And both of them are still thriving in the marketing world as their advantages cannot be neglected.


Let us see the features of plastic postcard direct mail marketing and some of its advantages.

Features of Plastic Postcards:

Companies are always looking for ways that get them noticed. Plastic postcards receive a staggering 24% higher response rate (source- They are easy templates that suit marketing objectives and capture the essence of all businesses alike. The detachable cards extend the life of offered services, allowing longer expiration dates and opening the mail's  reach.


The process of designing plastic postcards includes- selecting the perfect size, using variable data printing, relevance, colours, image researching, concise formats, and ensuring a clear call to action.


features of plastic postcard

Plastic Postcard Features:

  • Grabs Attention- Full-color digital printing done by professional printing companies allows including content with well-structured information, feature description, benefits, special offers, discounts, location, and contact information in an eye-catching way.

  • Durability- High-gloss laminate finish pop-out plastic postcards are manufactured to withstand the wear and tear of postal processing equipment to ensure that business messages arrive intact. The information can be sent to the target destination in excellent condition, cutting on redesigning the info due to travelling barriers.

  • Customization- clear plastic postcards offer a unique and one in a kind feel that makes the brand stand out, leading to a higher retention percentage. It’s uncomplicated customization encourages pocket-friendliness with unlimited variations. And ensure that the "printed message delivers the impact you need to drive up response rates and increase sales."

  • Suitability- Regular plastic postcards are suitable for all businesses looking to establish: call for reservations, special announcements, the launch of new startups, grand openings, trial records, and gift certificates, etc.

Features of Direct Mail Marketing & Advertising:

Statistics indicate that people are much more likely to glance at a direct mailer than an unsolicited email. According to Smart Insights, an email campaign average open rate is 23.67%, while direct mail supports 77% more open rate and email barely surviving with 24%.


features of direct mail

Direct Mail Marketing & Advertising Features:

  • Customer-Orientedness- Metrics show that customizable direct mails include embedding images, addresses, and barcoding to ensure that the message can be directly mailed to the target customers through courier, post office, fax, or email. These channels eliminate the need to hire intermediaries and boost direct distribution & contact.

  • Security- Modern-day direct mail cards imbibe the use of magnetic stripe encoding capabilities to guarantee destination reach. The sent messages can be measured, tracked, and evoke personalization.

  • Mapping & Profiling- Direct Mail includes mapping and geo-target mailbox by refining data and unlimited emails sent to segmented focused groups.

The above features substantially conclude that plastic postcard direct mail marketing & advertising is essential as they offer uncountable benefits from small to large businesses. Amerilist Printing is a well-experienced printing company that can design unique plastic postcards and direct mailers for your business by focusing on building long-term relationships with your customers.