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Much like the sails of a ship capture blowing winds and propel the vessel through fickle waters, a viable piece of direct mail can propel a marketing campaign for your own business to achieve lucrative direct mail marketing.

Here are 5 mistakes that will sink your direct mail campaign:

  • Never, ever, cut corners. As crucial as the design of your mailer is, the appropriate size of your mailer is just as important. In the long run, a smaller mailer may save you dollars. However, that may not be beneficial to your direct mail marketing campaign.

  • Larger mailers that are designed well offer individuals an impression that your marketing efforts are profitable and sophisticated enough to make the proper investments. Competitors can usually help you determine the size of your campaign mailer.

  • Choose the right audience. Your ideal audience. A well-designed mailer is meaningless if you have the wrong audience. Mailing lists play a significant role of direct mail marketing. You should choose an established direct mail company to ensure targeted mailing lists are up-to-date and accurate.

  • A cheap-looking, amateur design will consistently persuade your audience to dispose of your mailer. You want a mailer properly designed to appeal to your message. If a mailer does not concise, have straightforward headline (including attractive images and graphics to complement your message, vibrant colors to help allocate vital information, subheads that engage an audience, a solid call-to-action with an offer, logo, company name, and return address with company contact) then it will be a failure. Essentially, your mailer should have the power to connect with an audience, as well as deliver your message simultaneously.

  • Keep up with the marketing efforts of your competition. Your direct mail marketing campaign should be tailored to match your competition to make sure your marketing is cost-efficient and viable. A smaller card may be best for your direct mail marketing campaign; a medium-sized mailer may keep you above water for a moderate competitive entity. Ultimately, if the marketing environment of your company is inundated with marketing from other companies, you can design a large mailer for your marketing to help you stand head-and-shoulders above the competition.

  • The greatest attribute of a direct mail marketing campaign is repetition. Once your mailer is complete, your lists are formulated, and you have already started to mail your direct mail to your audience initially, send out your mailers again. It’s really all about timing. Repetitive exposure in a direct mail marketing campaign will maintain continued interest with potential consumers.


Remember, you do not want to send a mailer one time only and quit your marketing campaign due to a lack of immediate results. That’s a guaranteed way to sink your ship.

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