Debunking Common Email Marketing Myths 

Debunking Common Email Marketing Myths: Part 2

Businesses today, believe that since social media advertising rules, it is a clear indication that their business can also rely on such approaches wholly. But the truth is, recent studies show that approximately 294 billion messages are conveyed each day across the globe. Out of this, 99% of buyers browse their ordinary email inboxes on everyday basis in the US alone. All things considered, email marketing is a fundamental piece of strategy organizations must adopt.


However, because of its prevalence, email promoting has been exposed to different myths that unnecessarily create turmoil in the mindset of its users and impedes its utilization. Thus, we continue to debunk these common email marketing myths in our series.


Our previous blog Debunking Common Email Marketing Myths: Part 1, dealt with three most common myths around the email marketing world:-

Myth 1: Small businesses do not need email lists
Myth 2: Promoting Business is Easy and Can Be Done By Anyone
Myth 3: Website is Enough to Target Customers


As we proceed, we are attempting to clear some more haze around the issue and expose a few more myths widely attached with email marketing.


So! Let us begin!


Myth 4: Emailing Is Meant Only For Acquiring New Customers


An ordinary perception amongst marketers relate to the myth: “ Email marketing is beneficial only when you want to acquire new customers.”


Fact- Any effective promoting business realizes that the game of marketing includes expecting new clients to join the business. However, one ought to likewise be attempting to effectively market to existing clients as well, and keep up good relationship with them as oftentimes it could really be expected to be neglected in the hope of attracting new clients.

Moreover, securing clients is just 50% of the fight; the rest of the job depends on the rationale directs that the other portion of the marketing techniques that a business condition clutches upon. Read Amerilist blog How to ensure customer retentions through email marketing? to know what it takes to acquire new customers and maintain their loyalty.

  Customer retention  

Client maintenance is quite serious, it's something that even huge companies battle with. Contrary to it, if your customer attention lays exclusively on gathering new clients, they'll leave as fast as they come. Read 5 ways to ensure customers open your email.


It's vital to create some degree of lifetime esteem to existing clients that you can offer, so you can show that you're as helpful for them after the underlying buy as you were before the purchase.


Myth 5: Email marketing Should Deliver Fast Results


“Those new to the email marketing area wind up frustrated when their endeavors don't pay off right away. Since they expect that “Email marketing will always drive crazy results.”


Fact- But users clearly miss the point that seeing a result to your promotion immediately, isn’t what you should strive for. Moreover, comparing social media and email marketing isn’t a fair deal.
Social media might state dubious facts to customers misleading you that you'll probably get results more rapidly. But the final result will be different than you expect. Thus, look up for credible strategies which even internet advertising fails to do. It will help pay off your efforts. Although it might take numerous shots before one individual chooses to get in touch with you or make a buy and that is OK! Read Email Marketing tips to live by.

  Email Marketing Myths  

Emailing is one of the popular and natural promoting strategies. Similar to SEO execution, emailing is noticeably suitable for sizable audiences with proven outcomes. You're going toward your setup rivals and huge organizations when you start an advertising effort – change your assumptions encompassing time likewise.


Myth 6: Quality Products And Services Will Sell Themselves


And as we reach the end of our topic, we saved the best for the last. The most prevalent and dangerous myth existing today- “If my product has quality, it will sell on its own.”


Fact- There are a huge number of private ventures in the U.S. alone that fail to measure the difference between customer attention and customer retention. Launching a product for the first time using social media attracts customers, but emailing is behind the core elements of bringing customers back to you. The markets are more competitive out there than you'd at any point anticipate. Regardless of whether you work inside an exceptionally specific service. We believe you would agree that with as many as million contenders, another person is working to sell the same service you are.

  warning competition ahead  

Publicizing your items or administrations is basic to any organizational achievement. Think about why significant companies like Google, Apple, Samsung, Netflix market so forcefully if their items could sell all alone?


Rings any bell yet!


Be aware of the risks of relying on such myths- in order to avoid dangers. Buying authentic email lists from genuine mail list providers offer an innovative solution for all business needs to monitor consistent growth, resolve customer query, improve conflict related risks, because such monitoring allows consultations, rigorous supervision and citizen engagement processes.

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