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After the market recession caused by COVID-19, top mailing list companies are changing their marketing tactics to mitigate the slump that has affected business operations in the last two years. Since online marketing has become more prevalent, most businesses are steering away from direct mail campaigns and buying an email database. At Amerilist, we aim to bring your brand back to life with the best mailing lists, ensuring you take advantage of the full benefits that effective direct mail has on your marketing campaigns. Although online marketing has its perks, entrepreneurs need to take advantage of direct mail, especially during the start of the business, and we are your go-to mailing list company.

Suppose you are considering opening a business or rejuvenating your organization in 2022. In that case, there are many benefits you stand to gain by incorporating direct mail into your marketing campaigns, and we can provide you with pertinent information before purchasing mailing lists. Leverage our extensive mailing list and database built on data aggression, setting us apart from other mailing list vendors. Here are some of the reasons why you should consult Amerilist to get your direct mail up and running.

High Conversions

The purpose of every campaign is to increase the number of conversions and direct organic traffic to your site. At Amerilist, we believe that effective direct marketing is the most powerful way to achieve a successful campaign. We can help you customize a direct mail marketing strategy to target your target audience through their mailboxes. With years of providing quality printing and mailing services, our team of experts can help you design an aesthetic message that targets your prospects and provides pertinent information.

A well-structured direct mailing strategy is the difference between increasing the conversion rate of prospects and having them look for the services and products offered. Unlike other marketing campaigns, direct mail can be personalized to suit specific groups or individuals, making it more likely to capture their attention. We can customize your direct mail campaign to target your specific customers, ensuring that they receive informative mail, which translates to sales.


Direct mail campaigns are not only incredibly versatile but also come in various formats, such as letters, magazines, newsletters, postcards, catalogs, brochures, and more. We have more than a decade of providing exceptional direct mail services; we can help you leverage direct mail marketing to achieve any purpose. Whether you want to notify your target audience about a new product or invite them to a function, Amerilist can help you buy a customer list that is customized by a line of work or name, making them feel unique and recognized. 2022 is a great year to kick-start your business with advertisements like discounts and promotions, and we can help you drive traffic to your store or website. This also gives your customers time to learn more about your products or services and the company. Suppose you wish to establish long-term relationships and grow your customer loyalty. In that case, our professionals provide the best mailing list services to help you collect pertinent information about your customers for a more enhanced experience

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Build Your Brand

It is essential to use multiple formats for an effective marketing campaign to grow your brand significantly. This involves combining both traditional and modern forms of marketing, and who better to help you do that successfully than the experts at Amerilist. With the help of our team, you can buy an email list that guarantees successful campaigns that enhance customer response, allowing you to build meaningful relationships and traction. Direct mail campaign blends perfectly with an online marketing campaign, ensuring you get optimum brand awareness and higher recall rates for your business.

Direct mail campaigns are more personal and have an element of trust that email list companies lack. Since the internet is flooded with ads, customers are unsure who to trust, leaving most of them open to persuasion. Amerilist is not just the best place to buy email lists, but we can help you integrate direct mail with email, building trust with your target audience as you establish a reputation. This is an essential factor to consider, especially if you are starting or rebuilding your business.

A Cost-Effective Format

As you divert resources to various campaign strategies, you need to ensure that you are getting a return on investment (ROI). In this digital age, many people are looking for cost-effective solutions to reach their target audience without spending a lot of unnecessary resources. Creating a digital marketing campaign is affordable and accessible, and you don't have to invest in a ton of technical knowledge or digital infrastructure. You can opt to purchase email lists. The experts at Amerilist will ensure that everything is customized and designed to meet your specifications, allowing you to reach your target audience without going beyond your budget.

Why Direct Mail Campaigns Works in the Digital Age

The past two years have seen the rise of remote working, teleconferencing, binge-watching, and online orders and delivery. Even before the pandemic hit, an average person in the United States spent more than five hours every day on email, which has doubled, if not tripled. This has led to a vast majority of Americans craving for an experience that's outside their computer screens, and Amerilist can help you tap into this vastly-growing audience. Our customized direct mail solutions ensure that you reach your target audience in their home, providing a touchpoint of the message.

There's no doubt that technology is continuously innovating new marketing solutions, but direct mail campaigns have also evolved. When buying email lists, we can help you access real-time analytics on every direct mail marketing campaign using cutting-edge tech. This also helps us track individual responses to all the mail you send through unique barcodes or codes.

A well-designed direct mail campaign can help you strengthen your Business to Consumer (B2C) connections through touch and vision, which are vital senses in influencing how your product is perceived. At Amerilist, we combine accurate direct mail lists with technology enhancements to enhance customer experience while focusing on senses. We go the extra mile to provide you with the best mailing list service and customized lists that are up-to-date and come up with a calculated frequency of mailing so that we can work within your budget. When you work with Amerilist as your go-to mailing list provider, you are guaranteed targeted campaigns that speak directly to your target audience.

While direct mail is a vital element of your marketing strategies, it can lead to low conversion and deter your marketing goals if it's not done right. As your target audience continues to weather the coronavirus pandemic, you don't have the luxury to go through all the mail list companies trying to narrow down the perfect fit. Amerilist provides the best mailing list that reaches them at their homes, providing relief from the digital overload and a return on investment. Contact us today and talk to our experienced mailing list providers, and watch as your campaigns gain the desired traction for your business.

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