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If you want to generate sales relatively quickly, email marketing is still one of the fastest ways of reaching out to potential customers. However, having a solid subscriber list to market to will help you achieve your goals much faster. But, you can’t just market to any list, you need a highly targeted list of email addresses to get your name out there to people who are already interested in your products or services.

How to Build a Email Marketing List?

There are multiple strategies to help you maintain and build a robust email marketing list. One of the simplest ways of accomplishing this is by purchasing an email list.

When your email signup is up and running, you can create multiple streams for opportunities. Once you have optimized your page opt-in, it is necessary to promote it for more potential clients to engage with your type of brand.

For example, whenever a visitor fills out a form on your website, it is courteous to send them a message to thank them. A “Thank You” can go a long way. This is a great opportunity to include a call-to-action to encourage people to sign up for an email list. Make sure to include information about what your subscribers will gain by joining.

Consider including a call-to-action on both your website and blog. Whether it is on the top navigation or on the side bar, you want to ensure the opportunity is there to sign up for your email list. Here are a few more ways to grow your email database:

Website Call-to-Action

For a website, you'll want to obviously include a calls-to-action sign up on your subpages and homepage—wherever it is appropriate. You can place them in the footer, top navigation, and even on the side-bars for visitors to see each and every time. You can also test with pop-ups for your call-to-action to be placed front and center. Only use one pop-up. But, remember—less is more. Multiple pop-ups are proven to be a nuisance to consumers, according to research studies.

Landing Page Opt-in The Right Way

With your landing page forms, include a checkbox to opt users into your list. This can give visibility to email offerings and offer value to customers who have already become engaged with your products and services. Avoid pre-checking the box, obviously. You should allow a potential subscriber, instead, to select whether or not he or she wants to opt in.

If you are using this to remain in contact with potential users and to convert them over time, you can encourage recipients to sign up for a newsletter or offer a link to another valuable offering.

Conferences, Seminars & Events

Special events are the perfect time to boost your email list. Consider bringing a couple of tablets to events. Bring paper tables as a backup - you never know. One of the best times to ask people to sign up for email lists is during in-person registration. You just want to make sure you have them fill out and submit information on their own. Simply, this shows consent.


You have to ensure your messages successfully arrive in the inbox of clients once you opt-in a subscriber and guarantee to send them viable content.

When it comes to email deliverability, there is never any absolute assurance. However, if the best practices are within your focus, you will have much more success to make sure subscribers are not left waiting for you to contact them.

Customers receiving messages in their inboxes from you should be your primary goal for your email marketing campaign. According to studies, 2 out of 10 emails regularly become undelivered. If you want to achieve your goal, there are a few practices you can adhere to for a pure subscriber list.

Inactives should be eliminated.

Subscribers who have not been responsive over the last six months should be removed. This will make certain you only send emails to engaged and active subscribers.

You want to evaluate which customers are the most engaged, who made the most purchases, and customers with the highest order value. You can tailor communications appropriately once the highest value customers are identified.

Don't Neglect Testing

Testing your marketing campaign with an intimate group of subscribers prior to deployment of your complete email list is a proficient way to ensure responses from your users are at their maximum. You can even catch problems in email delivery before it affects your campaign on a vast scale.

Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines and Email Content

If you want people to be engaged and stay on your subscriber list, make sure your content is extraordinary. The goal should always to provide content that your subscribers will look forward to opening and reading.

Launch an Special Offer Through Facebook that Will Require an Email Address

Post compelling content on your Facebook Business Page that will persuade followers to sign up to gain access. Don't forget to add social sharing buttons to your opt-in thank-you pages and landing pages. This will encourage your leads to share your offers and possibly attract potential customers.

Another clever way to convince people to fork over their email address is to add a call-to-action button to the very top of your Facebook Business Page.

Then link your Facebook page's call-to-action button to a landing page that will require an email address for access to a special offer or valuable resource.

If Your Lead-Capturing Forms Are Too Long You Might Want to Shorten Them

If your lead-capturing pages require too much information for people to fill out, or too many questions to answer, they will abandon the process. Decrease the amount of fields you require people to fill out. You should have no more than 2-3 fields—4 is pushing it. Once you have started a conversation, then you can always collect more details from them.

Do You Need Help on Your Next Email Marketing Campaign?

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