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Automotive Email Marketing: Winning Strategies


Like email marketing is needed by huge eCommerce businesses, the Automotive industry also needs a solid customer base to grow. In terms of statistics, The United States has one of the largest automotive markets in the world. In 2018 alone, light vehicle sales in the U.S. surpassed 17 million units. 


Globally, the United States is the world’s second-largest market for vehicle sales and production. Latest reports by Auto Alliance indicate that with $105 billion, the U.S. industry is at the forefront of launching new R&D initiatives and transforming the sector, bringing better opportunities. 


Email marketing is a strategy that can help online marketers send targeted or promotional emails to subscribers in their mailing lists. It allows markets to send personalized messages to existing and prospective customers regularly and more frequently. 


Here are some of the best automotive email marketing strategies out there to revitalize your email campaigns.


Automotive Email Marketing Strategy #1: Gather Customer/ Lead Emails


Although it is generally recommended to be quick and faster in email marketing, we will suggest you hold up for a bit. We say it because your email marketing can be fundamentally destroying if you don't have an audience to entertain. 


You will agree that It's no use having incredible messages and no audience to send them to. That's true. You can do all the stunning substance creation and conceptualizing you need – it'll all be futile if your email list isn't adequately fruitful without marketing assets called buyers. 


Gathering customers should be the first step towards building email marketing. Think about each platform through which clients contact the vendor, and execute email gathering systems at those focused spots. For example, you can set up a stall at an auto-expo and collect client information. 


Automotive Email Marketing Strategy #2: Segmented Lists


You've quite recently gone through all the difficulty of gathering the clients. Now, what is left? Segment your lists. 


You can separate existing customers from new subscribers. Frequently talk about the touchpoints. That is the main stage in decent automotive email marketing. Do not simply dump all your messages into one monster email rundown and bombard customers with content. 


Monitoring where you got an email structure will permit you to make sections of your mass email lists. This course of keeping track is called attribution, and it is fundamental for understanding where your leads are coming from yet which touchpoints are working. 


When you get where you got an email, you can precisely target leads and clients with essential materials and advancements – expanding your email open rates and CTR.


BMW Email Campaign: A Case Study


The BMW dealership was searching for a way to reach customers in their market. To help them reach their target goal of 100,000 people, an agency created an email campaign. 


The campaign was run under Summer Sales Event Email, which included sending the emails to these prospective customers three times during the month. After running the report, it was found that the dealership sold 80 cars to email recipients and 46 vehicles to new customers. 


Thus, we know that an email campaign never disappoints. And this is why marketers should invest in it. 


Automotive Email Marketing Strategy #3: Convey engaging deployment


Conveying engaging and filled with emotions email is the number one tool in automotive email marketing. For example, look at Volkswagen.  


This luxury car dealer starts their email journey with a “Welcome to the Volkswagen family” message. This greeting sets the tone for relationship building with the subscribers in the lists, thanking them for registering with the brand. 


In addition to this, the messages ensure that new members of the company are made to feel a part of a community by calling them “family” this modular themed email inspiration gives a glimpse of how important you are as a buyer for the brand. 


Automotive Email Marketing Strategy >


Source- Volkswagen


This is one of the best automotive email advertising techniques we might potentially suggest. Customers ache for emotions and information, regardless of whether it's regarding the security components of a vehicle they've been appreciating or when they ought to change their car. 


Giving data along with captive emotions is consistently a decent auto email promoting technique. 

Automotive Email Marketing Strategy #4: Offer Test Drives as CTA

We’ve already talked about the Click To Action button as something that must be there in your email. However, offering a test drive option in your automotive email marketing campaign reflects how a brand believes in customer satisfaction. 


For example, look at Jaguar’s email strategy.


The following email by Jaguar talks about new models that the brand is launching. In addition to this, they offer the adoption to schedule your test drive option as CTA. 



Automotive Email Marketing Strategy>


Blog Takeaway  


Automotive email marketing is one of the most robust domains, and it can provide measurable results with correct strategies. Depending on the amount of information available to you about the customer or lead, you may be able to achieve varying levels of tactics. 


Auto dealership today has a unique challenge to face. With customers who tend to engage in over 900 digital interactions with a dealership before purchasing, an effective email campaign can cut down the long and complex journey to a simple and enjoyable one.


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