How much Do Mailing Lists Cost


Factors that Determine How much Do Mailing Lists Cost


Email marketing is one of the most effective techniques that businesses, particularly in the B2B space must consider as a part of their overall marketing strategy. Having said that, one of the most crucial aspects of email marketing is the procurement of high-quality B2B email lists. There are several free email lists available on the internet, but most of them are not authentic and they rarely contribute to your marketing campaigns. Hence, it is extremely important to buy email lists from the best email list service. If you are wondering how much do mailing lists cost, we will give you a detailed overview in this blog post.

The answer to your question - how much does it cost to buy an email list, varies depending upon a number of factors. Based on these factors, the best email list services in the market will charge you anywhere from $50 to $350 per 1000 addresses on average. Yes, the price range is quite wide, particularly because of the fact that the cost to buy email lists solely depends on the following variables:


The Size of the Mailing List


If you inquire about how much do mailing lists cost, the best email list services will quote you a price based on the number of addresses you are willing to purchase. While it is true that some services sell email addresses against a fixed and flat fee per address, some others set their pricing depending upon the mailing list size. In other words, they offer discounted prices when you purchase large email lists. So, the size of the mailing list is a major price determinant that answers your query about how much it costs to buy an email list.


Terms of Mailing List Usage


The cost of mailing lists depends on whether you are renting them or do you want to buy the mailing list permanently. The best mailing list services allow you to choose and they quote the cost depending upon your usage pattern.


Type of Mailing List


If you are wondering, how much do mailing lists cost, the first question that you should consider is ‘Who is your target audience’. If your target audience is end consumers, you are probably looking for a consumer mailing list. However, if you are in the B2B space, you should be looking for B2B email lists or business mailing lists. As far as the pricing is concerned, business mailing lists are costlier than consumer mailing lists. These can cost you upto $350 per 1000 email addresses.


Ending Note


The above-mentioned factors are largely sufficient to answer your question - how much do mailing lists cost? Before purchasing the mailing list, get enough clarity on these factors and buy email lists from the best email list services to ensure authentic and high-quality lists.

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