automobile email marketing 

With emails getting a makeover as list vendors have started providing targeted mailing lists with verified databases, it has become necessary for automobile companies to start leveraging email marketing to reach out to more consumers and get viable leads. Now you can source verified automobile mailing lists from us at AmeriList, and focus more on landing more automotive email prospects to get them to purchase your automotive product/services. Of course, that’s easier said than done, which is why you should check out the tips below on how to leverage email marketing effectively.

Personalize that email:

Personalize that email 

Chances are that you are using the one-size-fits-all approach which is similar to blank shooting; it rarely gets a response. Instead, what you need to aim for is a more personalized approach. Think about the various sales reps you usually come across in a store; they immediately give you their patented sales pitch, but with a few tweaks to make it personal to you, and generally, this lands a better response. So when you are planning to implement your email marketing strategy, you may want to consider personalizing your messages, which will give you better responses.



You can send out a customized email to highlight various offers available and even incorporate their previous behavior on your site as part of your message. This should help get you the response you need; users will become more aware of your site, and the fact that you are willing to stay engaged with them. This should prove quite helpful, as it can help you to determine some of the current trends, and you can tweak your email accordingly. This is an effective lead nurturing strategy, as it allows you to stay in touch with prospective customers and even sell your products to them.

Quick response time:

Quick response time 

You are working in the automobile industry, where 5 minutes can make all the difference and could result in a sale. This is why you often need to get your foot in the door within minutes of securing that customer email; just set up an automated response so that the customer has all the information he or she needs when it comes to purchasing automobiles. Chances are that he or she will appreciate the quick response, and will hopefully eventually purchase the car.

Include reviews:

Include reviews 

Even if it does sound a tad corny, the fact of the matter is that an average consumer does pay attention to reviews from other customers. So, make a point of including these in your email. As mail vendors have started adding more features to their email templates, you should be able to utilize that to feature customer reviews prominently. This is one of the reasons why emails get nearly 40% better response rate than social media marketing channels like Facebook and others.

Targeted content:

Targeted content 

As an automobile dealership, you are more than familiar with automobile mailing lists; so if you are planning to purchase automotive mailing lists from reputable vendors like AmeriList and others, you may want to ask them for a small sample. That should help clue you in as to the effectiveness of the list itself. You can use this targeted list to pitch your products and services to those who had shown an interest in purchasing either an automobile, or automotive parts, and remain engaged with them. Chances are that the more you stay engaged with them, the better your chances of landing the sale. Please keep in mind that you need to streamline your services and the pitch in order to fit the requirements of each customer.

Media content:

Media content 

Hire a professional photographer and have him or her shoot a few high-resolution images of your cars, as well as a video; people react more visibly to media than they do to text, so make sure that you include some in your email. It is important that whether you use automobile mailing lists, or prefer to call them automotive mailing lists, at the end of the day the list would be useless unless you can grab the customer’s attention.

Answer all questions:

Answer all questions 

Engaging with your consumers and that often means answering their queries. Since you are trying to convince them to purchase another vehicle, a big-ticket item, they are bound to have a lot of questions and it’s your job to answer them.



We’ve all heard the saying that you can catch more flies with honey than you can do with vinegar. Appearing condescending or even rude to a prospective customer is a big no-no. The customer might tend to ask the same questions again and again, and this is why it is important to answer all their queries patiently. Additionally, when shooting off that email, you may want to double-check the email so that you do not appear condescending to the recipient in any way.

Include special offers:

Include special offers 

You may also want to include special offers, as well as large discounts during festive seasons. Most of the customers would love a discount… which is why you will come across more ‘click-through’ with an email that features discounts and special offers. That’s why you may want to include personalized offers that a customer is more likely to select.

Valuable information:

Valuable information 

Use facts to back up your email whenever possible, and in the process, throw a few contextual links and embed them in the email. This should help make the customer feel more confident about purchasing the car from you directly.

These are some of the ways to make the most out of your email marketing, sparking more prospective leads and customers in the process. It is important that you get to know what your customer wants or needs so that you can market the right product, to the right person. And remember, when you use automobile mailing lists, you will get better traction online along with customer satisfaction, as long as you implement effective planning strategies.