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You have a product or service that’s in high demand. Your website design is captivating, mobile-friendly, and you have a strong brand. Most of all, your copywriting is persuasive and marketable.

There’s nothing more disturbing than launching a campaign, and all you hear is a deafening silence.

So, how could your marketing campaign possibly fail when you followed the rules? There's a logical explanation—a few explanations, actually.

Every marketer has experienced a failed (or subpar) campaign at some point. So, you’re not the first and certainly won’t be the last.

The important thing is to identify your mistakes and don’t repeat them. But, sometimes that’s easier said than done, especially when you have absolutely no idea where you went wrong.

So, we developed a list of ways you may be wasting your marketing dollars. Consider this...

Investing in marketing without understanding your audience.

Knowing your audience is good, but it's not enough. You have to understand your audience's wants and needs according to the context of your marketing strategy.

Consider the following questions:

Are you focusing on the right points to appeal to your target audience?

Was the campaign too broad to be effective?

Is your campaign answering questions your audience is asking about your new product or service?

If you answered, ‘no’ or you're unsure, you may have to reassess the message of your campaign against your current market research.

Know your competition.

In addition to knowing and understanding your audience, you must know your competition. Knowing your competition by name and comparing their brand up against yours is not enough. Dig a little deeper by understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

Understanding your audience's competition is also important. Knowing your competitors will give you insight on where to allocate your resources.

If their audience is on LinkedIn and Instagram, that's a clue you should dedicate time and resources into nurturing those sites. However, if your focus is mainly on Facebook and Twitter, it's easy to miss the mark.

Ignoring new marketing channels.

The online marketing world is changing constantly. Avoid committing to only one marketing channel. If all your focus is on SEO and you ignore email marketing, you are doing yourself a disservice. Companies that invest time and resources into multiple channels are more successful, according to experts.

You have the posted and they’ll come mentality.

The reason why many marketing campaigns fail is because some marketers have the ‘post it and they’ll come’ mentality. In other words, they will post a series of blog articles or even post PPC ads or Social Media ads and they immediately assume droves of people will come to their landing page or website ...only in a perfect world.

One of the reasons why so many campaigns fail is that marketers do not market the content enough. The key to a successful marketing campaign is to maximize your visibility by distributing to as many marketing channels as possible.

You need to distribute that post, through as many channels as possible, to. For example, when you’re posting blog articles, make sure to post it to all your social media accounts and boost them.

You must also be willing to go beyond social media marketing, SEO and PPC ads and retargeting ads. Don't neglect email marketing and direct mail marketing.

Don't neglect direct mail marketing.

People who ignore direct mail marketing are leaving money on the table and losing it simultaneously.

According to USPS, 18.4% of people will actually respond to a mailer ad from companies they have purchased from in the past. So, that means a well-targeted campaign can attract repeat customers.

So, if you have an older customer mailing list, consider sending them a free gift or a coupon code. This is how you capture their attention and get them interested in their brand.

Don’t make drastic changes too soon

Change is good, but you don’t want to change too much too soon. Granted, a brand has every right to change, and evolve within a duration of time to keep updated with trends, upgrades, or in response to the ever-changing interests of customers. However, clients can also become severely lost when too much happens too soon in a brand change.

You do not want to become a trigger-happy business when it pertains to changes. It’s exhausting to have to shuffle through an array of brand colors, website designs, brand traits, logos, or various names. You do not want to lose clients via losing an entire brand recognition that you worked so hard to create.

Another way is when people in make the mistake of investing too much money and time early on into their marketing. Granted, it makes sense to do this. What business does not want to find clients through marketing?

Marketing can be a gamble, especially if you do not know your clientele.

Why place all your dollars in Facebook ppc ads when in reality the type of customer you desire hardly goes on Facebook, as mentioned earlier. The same thing applies here.

Money and time should be spent better to figure out what your clientele wants via a test in small doses, as opposed to a blind charge into a costly marketing campaign.

Avoid talking ‘at’ people.

The #1 way you may be wasting marketing dollars is that you may be talking at customers, instead of with them.

Nobody likes to be told what to do or how they should feel. This can be avoided by altering the messaging of your business to become more engaging, inclusive, and conversational.

Many businesses alienate or themselves by using a language that doesn’t engage clientele. If you can attract your clients to converse with you, then it becomes likely your brand will be more appealing overall.

Marketing shouldn’t be a major place to sell products. However, it is a place to sell the values of your brand. This can open up a number of possibilities to create content that is more curated and interesting, which will attract clients to have a conversation with you. You may want to tell a story in your content to be more inspiring and approachable.

These are just a handful of ways marketers have lost money. Following the tips in this article will help improve your marketing and help you attract loyal customers.

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