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Most startup companies are faced with a similar dilemma—they aren't sure how or where to start building a thriving email list of hungry subscribers who will jump at the opportunity to invest in their products and services.

There are multiple ways of building a thriving email list that attracts sales and leads. Here are 5 new ways to build your list in 2019.

1. Only buy an email list from the best mailing list broker. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of receiving a bad list, and you’ll never know where the individual or company obtained its subscribers. You could get flagged as being a spammer if the emails were stolen without the recipients’ permission. You also increase your chances of bounced email addresses and receiving complaints, or worse—being sued.

2. Offer your email subscribers something for free, such as an informational guide or an eBook. Make sure you offer people something of value. The free offer should solve a pressing problem or need that people within your target audience are currently facing.

3. Launch a blog that ends in an opt-in request.

Provide your subscribers with Evergreen content—content that’s relevant and interesting to read.

Evergreen content is the best form of content to use because it’s less likely to become outdated and more likely to be found by search engines. It can help deliver traffic to your website. Plus, it can hold a valuable position in search engine rankings for months or even years to come.

Once your content is in place, you can start attracting more leads and sales by including a strong opt-in request at the tail of your posts.

4. Use a variety of call-to-action locations.

For example, you can use calls-to-action on your sidebars, footers, headers, slide-ins, 404 page, pop-up boxes, and etc.

5. Create a landing page.

Consider hiring a web designer to design a landing page specifically for your email signups. At AmeriList, our web design and development team will build a responsive landing page that’s visually appealing to your target audience.

Bonus: Use your blog’s homepage as an email capture form. Invest in PPC ads on websites your customers are likely to visit. Then launch a competition where your subscribers benefit by recruiting their friends.


Need help building your email list? Building a thriving list from scratch can be time-consuming. If you’re looking to gain leads and sales, one of the most effective ways of accomplishing this is by having a highly targeted list. The most efficient way of doing this is to purchase email lists from a reputable mailing list broker. Take a look at our top target industries.

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