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Why aren’t your subscribers opening your promotional emails? Especially, since 91% of users don’t mind receiving promotional emails and 15% of users say they wouldn’t mind receiving them daily, according to a MarketingSherpa survey. If your open rates and conversion rates are low, here are a few tweaks to help people become more receptive to your marketing emails.

Common Email Marketing Mistakes

You’re sending way too many emails.

If you're sending out too many emails, that's one surefire way of losing people. So, how many should you really be sending out? Daily? Weekly? It all depends on your market. Take a look at your industry stats. One way to find out is to run a test to see how many your top competitors are sending out emails. Simply sign up for their mailing list to see how often they send you emails.

Your fonts in your emails are too small.

Believe it or not, a simple thing as having your email fonts too small can cause people to avoid reading your email. The minimum size of email content should be no lower than 12pt. An email should be easy to read. Also, avoid using too many large photos because it could cause a person's email to load slowly, especially if they’re on the road and don't have access to high-speed Internet.

Your emails aren’t formatted for Smartphones properly.

If your emails are only Desktop friendly, that’s a problem. More and more people are using Smartphones than previous years. So, it’s crucial that your emails are optimized for mobile. When an email isn’t properly aligned, it won’t get read and it may get spammed.

Your emails aren’t relevant.

Have you ever received an email that wasn't relevant to you? That’s a sign that either the person used the wrong email marketing list or there’s a disconnect with the content. Before sending out an email to any subscribers, double check to make sure it’s relevant to the audience you’re emailing.

Here are a couple more things to consider as well:

Check to make sure your links aren't broken. There's a belief that if you send out an email with a broken link on purpose, then send an “Oops I'm sorry for the broken link," that will capture people's attention. Sending out an email with a broken link then following up with the correct email may work for some audiences and may not for others. Stay away from marketing gimmicks as much as possible.

Use a memorable email signature.

Email signatures may not seem that significant, but they are very important. They can actually boost your brand’s visibility. Your email signature is like a business card. Using a signature for all your emails is affordable and it offers a high-return online marketing tool that many marketers ignore.

Do you need an accurate email list for your next marketing campaign? The email list you choose can make it break your campaign. Do it right the first time. For a free market analysis, give AmeriList a call today at: 1.800.457.2899.

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