How To Create The Most Memorable And Unique Business Card Designs 

How To Create The Most Memorable And Unique Business Card Designs: Part 2

A unique graphic design business card is not just a tool that you hand over to your prospects but also an opportunity to connect with them. For that reason, having your tangible visiting card via Professional business card printing services allows viewers to retain the card for later communication. Take it from us, a sound business card built covering all the essential points discussed in How To Create The Most Memorable And Unique Business Card Designs: Part 1 will never be replaced by any individual.


A unique business card is an extension of your brand's personality that looks to convey the correct information about who you are and what you do? In a powerful, memorable, and meaningful way.


Moving forward in the digital age, customer expectations have seen a remarkable rise with the ease and facility of tools and methodologies offered by technology. It looks like Charles Darwin’s The survival of the fittest theory fits the modern-day 21st century quite well.


Displaying your brand’s strength to clients and geographically distant consumers requires insight into the company's working operations. And what can be better than having your own unique graphic design business card? Therefore, to let you be the show stoppers, we bring you some tips to create a distinctive, unique business card that will be indelible to overlook.


Tips To Create A Memorable And Unique Business Card Design

Starting with a high-quality business card template or custom design that gives you the proper foundation to build, you need a good design custom-made to cover all the essential key points. The following topics will transform your visiting card to a powerful connection agent that draws prospects to your business like needles to a magnet.


tips for business cards

1. Logo and Tagline

We already mentioned in part 1 that including a logo in your business card is a must. A logo is not just the shapes, colors, and words it features) to lure prospects. It is your business identity by which people will recognize you from the overcrowded market of potential service creators. Anyone holding your business card between their fingers should be able to identify your portfolio in the future as well.


2. Name and Job Title

Obvious genealogical information that eliminates the need to re-introduce yourself to your ensuing clients helps get people interested in talking to you. The tip here is to print the statement on the card as you would like to be called.


As a startup, an individual might have to wear many hats performing the roles of an entrepreneur, an agent, a contact person, and even a recruiter. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will be able to presume the diversified roles you have played in your business. And most importantly, which position you want them to note of you. Thus, describe it.


It is impossible to keep a count of how many business cards people receive at meetings, conferences, and networking events that don't say what card giver does. Instead, they use fancy titles. In reality, it is a waste of space and simply unhelpful.


By the time people go home, they have already forgotten what the person does in the firm. So, mention your role and contribution to the organization—for example- analyst, accountant, scriptwriter, video editor, graphic designer.


3. Contact Information

Providing designated contact information is the meat of a business card. The purpose of handing over business cards is to let people contact you. And missing this vital piece of block can shatter the entire structure. The keyword to keep in mind here is “direct.”


The very nature of passing the business card from hand to hand creates a personal connection between you and the prospects. We are sure that you would never want to break this connection. Thus, be sure to include your general info such as website, office address, phone number, email, etc.


On the other end of the spectrum, businesses need to draw the line between what information needs to be passed on and what not? Keep it official. It would help if you steered away from giving house numbers where your four-year-old might pick the phone out of curiosity. Always provide your direct contact information.


4. Your Website Name Information

There is no purpose behind giving a web address on your business cards. That is almost like given these days. Let your interested prospects land on a home page through short URLs intriguing them to your projects, tasks, works, assignments through a brief introductory fun video, a personal message that helps them know you better.


5. Social Media Profiles Information

No matter how big a business person you are, your customers are a determinant factor in your customers' health. Moreover, more than a strict, disciplined, and hardcore thriver, your consumers want to see your side. Social development through social media profiles on your business card allows your consumers to know your human side.


Social media channels have become indispensable parts of both traditional and virtual businesses. If you're not on social media, you don't exist in the eyes of your customers. Quite literally.


6. Maintaining White Space

What we mean by white spacing is to let your business card have a breather. Just looking at the overloaded information makes one feel nauseous just looking at it. Remember, the point of business cards is to introduce you, not tell your struggle story. It is essential not to overwhelm your clients but to invite them to participate in your business vision with you. And clutter invites no one. A good business card designing company will take care of all the paramount matters such as color combination, spacing, font, etc.


7. Creativity

Our final tip is the holy grail in the business card designing industry. All the above tips will tumble if you do not implement creativity in your work. Even the most trivial information can be converted into meaningful information if the imagination has been used to the right level. Designing a boring visiting card will end up in the tars box as soon as it is handed over to the users. Result? No matter how many cards you give out, no one will be contacting you anytime soon.


Finalizing a perfect unique graphic design business card will intrigue them, make them laugh, bridge the communication gaps. And if you can't think of any good ideas for custom cards yourself, you can always rely on Amerilist Printing Services to curate mesmerizing business card designs. We give a fresh take on your business and industry. Whatever you do, whatever your business is, it needs a good start. We will provide your clients a reason to contact you.