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When planning a marketing campaign, it’s imperative to consider the latest facts and statistics. Often times, we generalize groups of people and put them in a box. For example, some will cast down the idea of launching a direct mail marketing campaign targeting millennials because they immediately assume it will be a waste of time and money. It’s a common stereotype that all millennials only respond to digital marketing. In reality, millennials actually respond to direct mail and more than welcome direct mail.

In contrast, you have people who assume Baby Boomers are only interested in clip-n-save coupons and print ads. There’s a growing segment of boomers who crave the digital world. So, before launching your next campaign, consider these 8 surprising marketing facts you probably missed in 2018:

8 Surprising Marketing Facts from 2018

Approximately 99% of all consumers bring mail into the house the exact day of mail delivery. It is obvious people bring in mail diligently. What does this mean to marketers? Consider adding direct mail marketing while your competitors focus only on digital marketing.

Nearly 85% have made a purchase once they view it in a catalog for direct mail. People bring in mail on the same day of delivery, peruse the mail, respond or read through mail, and make a purchase. Regardless of age group, millennials, Generation-Xers or boomers, everyone responds to tangible marketing.

Eight out of ten recipients of direct mail peruse their mail. Major digital players realize the value and significance of direct mail. Response rates of direct mail clients continue to increase. Customers and prospective clients respond to the success of direct mail.

Seven out of ten Americans realize mail is more customized than the Internet. Basically, people embrace direct communication instead of being a number within a large crowd. There is a surge of personalized marketing with technology to make personalized, individual messages easier.

Nearly 85% of millennials consider looking through mail. You can integrate Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads into postcard mailings to target millennials with viable marketing.

Nearly 65% of millennials would scan information in mail instead of an email. Email marketing is used best as a tool to follow up, rather than to generate leads.


Retargeted ads can be used to follow your website prospects once they have visited your website. They need the name of your business and repeated marketing offers to remember and trust you. Ultimately, they can connect with you to become new clients.

As you can see, direct marketing is a viable way to attract more of your target audience. Always make sure your landing pages, website, and social media pages are in tip-top shape. Your branding should be stellar and consistent whether it’s digital or in print.

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