Signed, Sealed, Delivered… Now What?

So you sent out your direct mail campaign… you can find out if that mail was delivered, but was your message? Will your mail end up in the garbage, unread? Whether you choose to compile addresses on your own, or purchase a mailing list from a provider, getting your message into the right mailboxes is what will boost your sales.

The reality is that not everyone in your area wants to purchase your product or service. Spending the money to send your marketing materials to every home in a particular zip code, in an attempt to gain new customers, is not going to be a worthy investment. Utilizing targeted mailing lists based on a variety of demographic and psychographic information will give you a much better chance of reeling in more business. When you purchase a mailing list from a list provider, you can specify exactly the kinds of individuals you are targeting by a variety of selections. This process ensures that a much higher percentage of the people receiving your mail will actually open it, and in turn, visit or call your business.

What types of mailing lists can you use?

Your Already-Existing List: This list comes from your past and current customer database, as well as anyone who has signed up for any sort of newsletter or other contact. As a business owner, it is a great idea to keep track of these addresses, to have a solid base of potential and existing clients that already have purchased or shown interest in your product or service.

Opt-in Lists: Similar to the list above, these prospects have actually chosen to receive information from your company, so they are much more likely to give you a sale. This is due to the fact that they are already interested in knowing more about your business, and have chosen to receive discounts, offers, and information.

Response Lists: This type of list can be useful to you because it includes prospects that have shown interest in products or services related to your what business offers. This information can come from a list broker or provider, who can identify companies similar to yours and help you utilize direct marketing strategies.

Targeted Demographic and Psychographic Segmented Lists: : These lists provide data that is segmented through demographic information such as location, age, gender, income, children, and more. Psychographics include more specific information, like buying patterns, travel habits, technology use, reading preferences, and more.

Having an effective mailing list can grow your business by targeting prospects that are the most likely to make a purchase. AmeriList is prepared to provide any list and data services your company needs, and will help increase your client base and boost your ROI.

The Benefits of Using a List Broker