Benefits of Email Marketing 

A direct mail list is a marketing strategy that involves sending promotional materials directly to clients or consumers through the postal system. The materials generally include brochures, leaflets, catalogs, and postcards. It is still one of the most popular forms of advertising.

Even though the marketing industry is driven by the electronic media, it would be naive to rule out the effectiveness of direct mail lists. According to a recent Direct Mail Association (DMA) report, 65% of consumers made a purchase as a result of direct mail. The success of a direct mail list can be attributed to an array of reasons:

Individualized –

Benefits of Email Marketing 

The tangibility of a physical piece of mail engages the consumer's mind at a deeper level. They understand and remember what they read better than what they read on a screen. Moreover, the mail is addressed to them by their name, which makes it more personal.

Highly targeted –

Benefits of Email Marketing 

You can choose to target a select group or groups of consumers you want depending on the product or service you offer. For example, if your product is targeted towards youth, you can source a data list covering that age group. Similarly, you can use other demographic segments to suit your campaign.

Highly measurable –

Benefits of Email Marketing 

The results of your campaign can be measurable. For example, if a coupon has been sent with a code via the direct mail list, then the code can be used to track the response to that ad.

Informative –

Benefits of Email Marketing 

A business can choose to give in-depth information about the product or services it is offering with a direct mail list. Detailed information helps a consumer to compare and decide before buying a product.

Cost-effective –

Benefits of Email Marketing 

The brochures and mailers can be creatively and attractively designed and printed in bulk by the print vendor. Test mailers can be sent to a select group of consumers to test their responses, saving on expensive advertising costs.

Now, knowing your target audience is good, but procuring the right data may mean the difference between a make or break in your business. Consult an expert who can advise you before you seek a data sales representative. Find out how accurate the data is, and if it is complete and caters to the demographics your business serves. Never make price the only factor while you purchase a mailing list. Vendors offer silly offers to lure you into buying bulk lists. You should test small samples before making a large purchase. Above all, make sure you purchase your mailing list from a reputed company who provides you data that is compliant with ethical marketing standards.

In case you need any help with sourcing your data, we at AmeriList would be proud to partner with you. We have a multi-sourced consumer database with accurate and updated information on over 300 million consumers (125 million households) in the U.S. and Canada through which you can get more mileage to your business.