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Sure, direct-mail marketing can be a little costly. However, a viable campaign can easily and quickly offset the costs, as well as boost business profits. Here are 10 effective direct mail marketing tips that can benefit you as you plan a lucrative marketing campaign.

Email List Building Tips

  • Acquire a direct mailing list—In direct marketing, it is vital to know your audience; you want to target your audience with attractive direct mailers. You will save plenty of money and boost your return on investment.

  • Offer value—Your clientele should have every reason to make a purchase. Therefore, you want your offer to be unique and compelling enough to offer first-rate value to your audience without hurting your budget.

  • Work with a first-rate printer—The printer should have a reputation for customer service and esteemed quality. A sample kit will also come in handy. In the printing realm, you don’t want to send out marketing materials for direct mail with poor color quality or streaks. Remember, you get what you pay for.

  • At AmeriList, we can help you launch your next campaign and even help with printing and mail your marketing mailers.

  • Should stand out on paper—Possessing an excellent design that looks great on paper, as well as reinforces the message can result to success in direct-mail marketing. You can get creative, but adhere to essential design rules.

  • Write copy that’s effective—Quality promotional copy can identify with your target base through benefits and features.

  • Select the ideal medium—The use of professional-grade paper can go a long way to shape materials to stand head-and-shoulders above the competition. Gloss can even be used to earn brand recognition and credibility.

  • Run it by others—From your efforts in direct mail marketing, you can approach others as your prospective customer base. Run it by co-workers, family, friends, and others to receive truthful reactions. You should tweak your marketing campaign if you cannot convince your prospects.

  • Don’t forget to follow up—A follow up with prospects can attract many sales within a short time duration. It’s better to customize it. A follow up of a postcard with a sales letter or brochure customized (professionally) to the recipient can be advantageous. An appropriate telephone contact could be warranted as well.

  • Test your market—The majority of companies are likely to waste plenty of hard-earned dollars in marketing...this is because they failed to test the market. Prior to a full launch campaign in direct-mail, you should have a test against a smaller market.


A number of companies take full advantage of the concept of direct mail marketing to achieve a successful campaign. Let us help you do the same. Call 1.800.457.2899 to learn more.

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