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Every marketer desires to have a higher response rate with all of their marketing efforts, especially with direct marketing. In order to have profitable results, it must be executed the right way. Here are a few useful tips to help you gain a higher response rate and improve sales conversions.

Customize Your Mailings

Remember the last time you received a custom mailer? For a split second, you probably felt like you were the only recipient who received the mailer. The number one rule of direct marketing is to customize your marketing collateral.

When most people receive email marketing letters, it’s just another email pitch. But, when you receive a well-designed mailer, it captures their attention instantly. They are more likely to hold onto a tangible mailer. Emails can easily get lost by spam filters or ignored.

The more you customize your direct mail pieces, the more likely it is that people will respond.

There is psychology that plays behind this concept. When people receive something useful in the mail, it automatically increases their excitement, especially when there’s repetition involved.

Get people to join your email mailing

The same people you contact from your direct mailing list should be invited to your email list. Direct mail is a cost-effective way to boost your mailing list. Previously, we mentioned tangible mail that’s customized (with your target audience in mind) will increase your response rating. That doesn’t mean you should start neglecting your email marketing.

When people see your brand in print and online, you become an imbedded memory. Years ago, a study was taken by psychologists and marketing experts. They found that it takes at least 7 times for a person to recognize a new brand or a new product line/service.

So, along with your direct mail, you’re going to enhance your email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, SEO, Pay-per-click, retargeting ads and etc.

Check Your Call-to-Action

At AmeriList, we find that some marketers struggle with gaining higher conversions because of one simple issue. If your call-to-action is weak or nonexistent, you won’t gain new customers or sales. You can have the greatest branding and still have a failed marketing campaign.

Recipients who receive your mailers should know exactly what the next step is after they have opened it up. There should be meaning behind the message and it should always be consistent across all your marketing channels from direct mail and beyond.

Monitor Your Competition

So, you’ve monitored your competitors’ marketing efforts online. What are they doing offline? It’s important to know that your competitors have probably started with direct marketing. Some of them have been sticking to it for years. So, before launching your next direct mail campaign, do a little research and find out if your competitors are using direct mail.


Hopefully, you will put the tips above to good use and experience optimal results. If you need help launching your next direct mail campaign, or you need a new-and-improved mailing list, give us a call at: 1.800.457.2899.

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