Summer Camp Marketing for 2023 

It’s time to take out your tie-dye, put those friendship bracelets on, and get into the camp spirit! Now is the time to start marketing to parents who are looking to send their child to camp this summer.

Finding new campers every year can be a challenge. With the right marketing techniques, your summer enrollment can increase significantly. One effective way to obtain new campers is through targeted direct mailing lists. With the ability to compile data from around the country, you can pinpoint specific households that have camp-aged children living in your area.

Purchasing a targeted summer camp mailing list gives your organization a huge advantage when it comes to marketing. It creates an opportunity for you to promote your camp to families that are specifically in the market for an awesome summer experience for their child.

Camp enrollment marketing lists are based on location, age, presence of children, lifestyle interests, and other demographic and psychographic information. It is important to target families with children who are geographically close to your camp, and who can afford to attend. By utilizing lists from Summer Camp Databases, U.S. Parent Databases, and more, you can use that data to reach out to families that are most likely to register their child, or children, for camp this year. For example, utilizing a Working Parents List would be helpful, since parents who are employed would be likely to need a place for their children to go during the summer.

Once you have your target audience, the next step is knowing how relevant and creative your marketing materials are. You could try to fashion a postcard mailer or brochure in Arts & Crafts, but let’s be real… you need a professional marketing service in your corner! Finding someone who knows what captures the attention of your potential customers is crucial. The first thing a parent will notice about your camp is what is in their hands or on their screens. Having appealing print marketing as well as a functioning, aesthetically-pleasing website, is what can make the difference between acquiring a new camper or having them look elsewhere.

Are you ready to zip-line your way to more enrollment this upcoming camp season? AmeriList is a one-stop shop for everything you need to gain more campers this summer. From mailing lists, to graphic design, to web design, and more, you can count on AmeriList to help you paddle your way to a successful Summer 2023!