Description Summary

Vision and eye related ailments are amongst the most prevalent chronic healthcare issues in the United States. If you are trying to reach consumers that have purchased and wear eyeglasses or contact lenses then you must test the Eyeglass and Contact Lens Wearers database. These individuals suffer from various vision related ailments such as cataracts, glaucoma or retinitis pigmentosa just to name a few. Combine this with a broad array of selectable demographic attributes. We can give you the power to market smarter. If you are looking to market any eye care products, vision correction, eye glasses; this is the perfect mailing list for eye care products & services. This file is recommended for large print publishing, health, insurance and fundraising offers. Ideal for any marketer who is looking to offer eye care solutions.

Popular Selects:

  • Individual Age
  • HH Income
  • Marital Status
  • Net Worth
  • Religion
  • Lifestyle
  • Occupation
  • Home Owner / Renter
  • Presence of Children
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Purchasing Power
  • Credit
  • Education
  • Donor
  • Dwelling Type

How Our Data Is Compiled:

Our eyeglass and contact lens mailing list is compiled using multiple sources including: Lifestyle Questionnaires, Memberships, Internet/On-Line Surveys, Off-line Surveys, Opt-in Email, Newsletters, Direct Response, Publications and Controlled Circulations. This responsive list is enhanced with demographic and psychographic data for better segmentation.

Consider The Facts:

  • The average annual cost for contact lenses is $120
  • The average cost of a pair of glasses is $212
  • One out of four children between ages 3 -16 wear eyeglasses
  • Cataracts is the primary reason for self-reported vision impairment. It is also the third leading cause of preventable blindness in the United States.
  • Children as young as 8 can safely wear contact lenses

Recommended Usage:

These Eyeglasses and Contact Lens Wearers are excellent prospects for a wide range of offers including eyeglasses, laser vision correction, contact lens offers, medical offers, fashion eyewear, magazine publications, eye care solutions, and much more.

Sample Mail Piece Required

  • Total Universe
  • Base Rate
  • List ID
  • Market Type
    U.S. Consumer
  • List Channels
    Postal, Email and Telemarketing
  • Source
    Direct Response
    Compiled Lists
  • Output Options
    Electronic, Printed
  • Update Cycle
  • Minimum Order
    Quantity: 5,000
    Price: $475.00
  • Net Name
  • Exchanges
  • Reuse
  • Cancellation Charges
  • Commission