Summary Description

Tax lien or government claims against personal or real property secures the government’s interest in property that is owned by an individual or business. This is usually the result when a taxpayer defaults on their debt. Amerilist brings to market one of the most complete and responsive databases. This data is multi sourced from government, state and county public records and includes individuals and businesses who are currently delinquent on their taxes and/or have a tax lien or judgement filed against them.

How our Data is Compiled:

Our Amerilist Tax Lien & Judgment database is derived from multiple public and propitiatory sources. This database includes people who have a state or federal tax lien filed or a bankruptcy/judgment that is currently unsatisfied. This database is also processed against the USPS® National Change of Address (NCOA) system, in addition to Zip+4 coding and CASS Certification. Our Consumer Data is more than 95% deliverable… guaranteed!

Consider the facts:

  • The IRS filed over 700,000 tax liens in 2012 and issued just under 3,000,000 levies on third parties.
  • In 2014 the IRS began with 11.7 million delinquent accounts (unfiled returns).
  • In California alone, the top 250 tax evaders collectively owe the state almost $175 million as of June, 2011.

Recommended Usage:

The Amerilist Tax Lien file has been an effective marketing list for a wide range of marketers, bankruptcy lawyers, collection agencies, accountants, CPA’s, credit repair, debt consolidation, credit lenders/bankers, mortgage companies, tax professionals and auto dealers, etc..

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    U.S. Consumer
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    Postal, Email & Telemarketing
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    Public Record
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    Electronic, Printed
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    Quantity: 5,000
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    Floor: 85%
    Minimum Qty: 50,000
    Run Charges: $7.00/M
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