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This database is a valuable resource for marketers targeting individuals who are AARP members. Our database consists of seniors who have willingly provided their information, confirming their AARP membership through a survey. These esteemed individuals eagerly anticipate their monthly magazine and enjoy their AARP membership’s numerous discounts and benefits.

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How Our Data Is Compiled

We bring to market superior senior marketing data! Our senior source database is meticulously compiled at both the individual and household levels. Since 1989 we have made a commitment to excellence that ensures our clients receive the most accurate and up-to-date senior marketing list. To achieve this, we continually update our entire list with new, exclusive data sources, guaranteeing its comprehensiveness and selectivity. To further enhance deliverability, our senior master file undergoes monthly standardization using our proprietary USPS processing. This rigorous process includes subjecting our database to the National Change of Address (ncoa®Link®), Locatable Address Conversion System (LACSLink®), and Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS®). These address quality procedures are instrumental in optimizing the performance and deliverability of our list, benefiting our esteemed clients. With over 25 years of experience, we have leveraged advanced technology and adhered to industry standards to create an unparalleled senior marketing information resource for our clients.

Consider The Facts:

  • Age Distribution: A significant percentage of AARP members fall within the 50-64 age range, with a substantial portion also aged 65 and above.
  • Healthcare Concerns: A significant proportion of AARP members show interest in healthcare-related topics, including Medicare, insurance coverage, prescription drugs, and chronic disease management
  • Consumer Behavior: AARP members exhibit substantial purchasing power and actively engage in spending across various categories, including leisure activities, home improvement, travel, and healthcare products and services.

Recommended Usage

This mailing list is recommended for a variety of offers such as: Retail offers, Insurance offers, Investments, Insurance Offers, Annuity, LongTerm Care, Magazines, Travel and much more.

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    U.S. Consumer
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    Postal, Email & Telemarketing
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    Compiled, Self-Reported
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    Quantity: 5,000
    Price: $475.00
  • Net Name
    Floor: 85%
    Minimum Quantity: 25,000
    Run Charges: $10.00 / M
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    Standard 20% broker/agency commission is extended to all trade partners