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Our National RV/Recreational Vehicle Owners Database is a comprehensive compilation of U.S. RV owners. This marketing list provides access to RV Owners passionate about living on the open road. They enjoy embarking on road trips and are always on the go. They are adventure seekers and avid travelers. On average the typical RV owner is around 48 years old, based on the 2021 data from the RVIA. Recent trends show there is a shift towards younger demographics, particularly millennials and Gen Xers, who are increasingly interested in RVing as a way to travel and explore outdoors while maintaining control over their environment. If you want to reach RV owners, this mailing list is the best option on the market today

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How Our Data Is Compiled

The database is meticulously aggregated using a diverse range of sources, including but not limited to registration data, service and point of sales data, lifestyle questionnaires, memberships, internet/online website activity, surveys, opt-in email, newsletters, direct response, trade publications, and much more. We can segment by Motorhome Class A, B, C (Camper, Travel Trailer) and more. The entire RV database undergoes a meticulous standardization process and is consistently updated. It is then subjected to our exclusive USPS® certified procedures, ensuring optimal deliverability. We employ tools such as NCOALink®, LACSLink®, and CASS®. The entire list is subjected to DPV®* verification. This comprehensive approach guarantees the utmost quality and accuracy of our data.

Consider The Facts:

  • The average RV owner in the US is 48 years old, married and tends to travel 3 times a year
  • RVers drive on average 4,500 miles a year in their RV.

Recommended Usage

The Amerilist RV Owners Database is the perfect tool for outdoor and camping gear retailers, insurance providers, RV accessories and part sellers, campgrounds and RV parks, adventure agencies, RV repair services and much more!

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