Political Donors

Are you looking for ways to reach political contributors throughout the country to increase campaign funding? If so, look no further than the AmeriList Political Donor database! The generous individuals in our Political Donors database have disposable income that they are willing to donate to a variety of causes, specifically their affiliated political party. Each individual in our database is guaranteed to have contributed to candidates' and/or incumbents' fund-raising efforts.

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How Our Data Is Compiled:

Our data is compiled using more sources than any other compiled consumer database in the industry, including: Phone Directories, Surveys, US Census Data, Voter Registration, Product & Warranty Information, Credit Card Transactions, Mail Order Purchases, Real Estate, Magazine Subscriptions, as well as Deed & Transaction Data. We constantly update and verify our data to ensure accuracy and deliverability. Our compilation team processes the entire database against the National Change of Address (NCOA) file monthly. This list is also CASS certified to ensure proper deliverability.

Consider The Facts:

  • The median income of Political Donors is $70,000
  • 40% of all political donors are female; 60% are male
  • The average age of political donors is 53 years old
  • The average political donor owns their own home

Recommended Usage:

The AmeriList Political Donors Database is an excellent source for fund-raising appeals, investments, financial products and services, insurance, subscriptions and much more.

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