Description Summary

AmeriList’s Pending Movers Database is a carefully curated collection of properties currently in the process of being sold. It focuses specifically on these properties, providing accurate and timely information about pending real estate transactions. With a strong emphasis on precision, this database empowers your business with a strategic advantage in the competitive real estate market. It offers real-time updates, and 70% of the entries include contact names associated with their addresses. This allows you to stay ahead of the competition and reach your target audience precisely when needed.

Popular Selections:

  • 30, 60, 90 Day Hotline
  • Household Income
  • Geography
  • Property Type
  • Pre-Forclosure
  • # Bedrooms
  • # Bathrooms
  • Value of Loans
  • Characteristics
  • Home Size (Sq Feet)
  • Year Built
  • Estimated Market Value

How Our Data Is Compiled:

AmeriList’s Pending Movers database is compiled from a variety of trustworthy sources, such as newspaper “Home for Sale” listings and online real estate platforms, supplemented with self-reported data and national real estate feeds for daily updates. Released weekly and matched against our consumer database for enriched data elements, ensuring the highest accuracy level. The database is updated regularly and processed against the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) system, Zip+4 coding, and CASS certification.

Consider The Facts:

  • Sales of newly constructed single-family homes were up 8% in December 2023 from the month before and 4.4% annually, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau and HUD data.
  • The escrow period is typically 30 days but can less or more depending on the state you are in, and if the transactions are more intricate.

Recommended Usage:

AmeriList’s Pending Movers Database is tailor-made for a diverse range of industries, including insurance companies, home improvement firms, locksmiths, home security providers, lawn care and landscaping businesses, banks, and beyond!

  • Monthly Average
  • Base Rate
  • Weekly Update
  • Market Type
    U.S. Consumer
  • List Channels
    Postal, Email & Telemarketing
  • Source
    Compiled, Self-Reported
  • Update Cycle
  • Minimum Order
    Quantity: 5,000
    Price: $625.00
  • Net Name
    Floor 85%
    Minimum Quantity: 25,000
    Run Charges: $10.00/M
  • Exchanges
    Please Inquire
  • Reuse
    Please Inquire
  • Cancellation Charges
    Please Inquire
  • Sample Mail Pieces Required
  • Commission
    Standard 20% broker/agency commission is extended to all trade partners.