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The Hispanic Book Club database consists of dedicated Hispanic readers who have a passion for reading. These individuals love to read a variety of books & magazines. Whether you are looking to target readers of poetry, fiction, memoirs, nonfiction, science fiction, biographies, autobiographies or romance novels, the Hispanic Book Club has identified individuals that have responded to both direct mail and online book offers. These avid Hispanic readers will often snuggle up with a good book and a cup of tea on a regular basis.

Popular Selects:

  • Age
  • HH Income
  • Marital Status
  • Net Worth
  • Religion
  • Lifestyle
  • Occupation
  • Home Owner / Renter
  • Presence of Children
  • Gender
  • Dwelling Type
  • Purchasing Power
  • Credit
  • Education
  • Donor

How Our Data Is Compiled:

Our File is compiled using multiple sources including: Lifestyle Questionnaires, Memberships, Internet/On-Line Surveys, Off-line Surveys, Opt-in Email, Newsletters, Direct Response, Publications, Compiled Lists and Controlled Circulations.

Consider The Facts:

  • 1 in 6 Americans are of Hispanic origin
  • 65% of Hispanic Americans are millennials (aged 22 to 35)
  • 20% of Hispanic Americans report that they read for fun on a daily basis
  • Hispanic Americans that read tend to have a higher household income than those who do not read on a regular basis

Recommended Usage:

These Hispanic Book Club members are excellent prospects for book offers, textbook offers, travel offers, credit offers, retail offers, book club memberships, and more.

  • Total Universe
  • Base Rate
  • List ID
  • Market Type
    B2C, U.S. Consumer
  • List Channels
    Postal, Email, Telemarketing
  • Source
    Direct Response
    Compiled Lists
  • Output Options
    Electronic, Printed
  • Update Cycle
  • Minimum Order
    Quantity: 5,000
    Price: $400
  • Net Name
    Floor 85%
    Minimum Quantity: Inquire
    Run Charge: Flexible
  • Exchanges
  • Reuse
    Available 50%
  • Cancellation Charges
    All orders canceled after shipping will be billed at 50% of the original order, in addition to any applicable shipping charges.
  • Commission
    A standard 20% broker/agency commission is extended to all trade partners