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Commercial real estate includes individual-owned and corporate owned-properties. These savvy investors, entrepreneurs and business owners see the value in owning real estate, specifically commercial property. Many types of businesses occupy commercial real estate, making owning commercial property all the more worth the investment. This list is ideally suited for mortgage brokers, insurance companies, and others, to target the appropriate audience to generate business. Reaching the right business is essential to increasing your client base and furthering your marketing campaign. This list will help you pinpoint the specific Commercial Property owners that are the most likely to be in the market for your services.

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How Our Data Is Compiled:

Our Commercial Real Estate Property Owners Email List is derived from real estate deed and transaction information, county clerks’ offices, self-reported online and offline sources. Not only do we cross reference a multitude of sources to ensure the most accurate data, we update our data continually. When you use our data, you are guaranteed accuracy and deliverability. Our compilation team processes the entire database against the National Change of Address (NCOA) file monthly. The list is also CASS certified to ensure further accuracy.

Consider The Facts:

  • 72% of commercial buildings are less than 10,000 square feet
  • Top markets for office lease include Technology, Advertising/Marketing, Healthcare, and Life Sciences
  • In 2016, national vacancies for industrial buildings dropped to 4.7%, resulting in surging rent growth

Recommended Usage:

The Commercial Real Estate Property Owners Mailing List gives businesses the ability to target the right people. The types of businesses that could benefit from this list include: construction, finance, banks, real estate, municipalities, manufacturing, retail, and more.

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    U.S. Business/ U.S. Consumer
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    Postal, Telemarketing, Email
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    Government Records, Deed Transactions
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    Domestic U.S.
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