U.S. Mobile Telephone Database

Did you know, 91% of all Americans now own a cell phone? In fact over 30% of American households have ditched their landline services in favor of cell phones. As a result, there are now more opportunities for location–based services, mobile application services and multi-channel marketing. There is no denying it… It can be a challenge for businesses to identify cellular phone numbers in order to stay compliant with the TCPA – If you need to need to find accurate mobile or cell phone numbers either for data append or validation we give you access to more data than any other compiler. Our multi sourced cellular telephone database brings together a unified resource that is comprised of all mobile phone numbers in the united states. Now you can count on AmeriList to find those hard-to-reach cell phone prospect we are the number one aggregator of enhanced wireless telephone numbers with associated contact details.

There is no denying it… It can be a challenge for businesses to find opted-in cell phone records due the fact that there is not a unified resource comprised of cell phone owners. However, you can count on AmeriList to find those hard-to-reach cell phone prospect because AmeriList works with a wide range of opt-in sources to aggregate and enhance wireless phone numbers with associated contact details.

Popular Selects:

  • Date of Birth
  • HH Income
  • Marital Status
  • Home Owner
  • Length of Residence
  • Religion
  • Credit Card Type
  • Net Worth Ranking
  • Pet Owners
  • Internet Users
  • Home Value
  • Occupation
  • Ethnicity
  • Language Spoken

How Our Data Is Compiled:

The AmeriList Cell Phone Database is derived from a multitude of online paths. Data is pulled from the sources using the wireless NPA/NXX blocks (area codes and prefixes dedicated to cell phones) as well as the ported lines (home phones that have been ported to wireless) database.

Consider The Facts:

  • If you’re not utilizing AmeriList’s cell phone database, you’re missing out on over 30% of the American population as one in three households have disconnected their landline phones in favor of cell phones.
  • 700,000 Americans discontinue their landline service every day.
  • Recent studies suggest landlines will become obsolete by the year 2025!
  • 67% of American cell phone owners admit to checking their phone for messages, calls, alerts and notifications even if they did not notice their phone ringing or vibrating.
  • 60% of Americans have access to the internet on their cell phone and 34% of those cell phone owners use their phone as their main source of internet access.

AmeriList Can Help You:

  • Identify opt-in wireless contacts
  • Verify addresses associated with a wireless number
  • Append additional information to a wireless number
  • Mobile Append to enhance current customer/in-house mailing list
  • Landlines available upon request (where available)
  • Total Universe
  • Base Rate
  • Media Type
  • Source
    Online NPA/NXX Blocks, Ported Lines
  • Geography
  • Average Income
  • Minimum Order
    Quantity: 5,000 - Price: $300.00
  • Net Name Arrangements
    Floor: 85%
    Minimum Quantity: 50,000
    Run Charges: $3.00 / M
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  • Cancellation Charges
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  • Commission
    A standard 20% broker/agency commission is extended to all trade partners