Canadian Consumer Direct Mailing Lists

Whether you’re an American business looking to expand to Canada or a Canadian business looking to market to those in your backyard, AmeriList has you covered. The AmeriList Canadian Consumer Marketing List contains highly responsive consumer data for online, offline and multi-channel marketing campaigns.

This master mailing list offers the most current and comprehensive Canadian consumer information and has a large variety of demographic variables to select from to help you increase your response rates or to enhance your in-house database.

Popular Selects:

  • Individual Age
  • HH Income
  • Lifestyle
  • Education
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Job Description
  • Home Owner
  • HH Type

How Our Data Is Compiled:

Our Canadian Consumer Marketing List is compiled using multiple sources including: Lifestyle Questionnaires, Internet/On-Line Surveys, Off-line Surveys, Opt-in Email, Newsletters, Direct Response, Publications, Compiled Lists and Controlled Circulations.

Consider The Facts:

  • 46% of the Canadian population live in 6 major metropolitan centers
  • 51% of Canadians have a post-secondary education
  • 64% of Canadians have disposable incomes
  • Canadians spend an average of 45. 6 hours surfing the web per month
  • 88% of Canadians have high speed internet
  • Last year, Canadians spent $22.3 billion on retail ecommerce
  • Canadians spend an estimated 10% of their consumer dollars in the U.S.y

Recommended Usage:

Auction houses, auto loan creditors, beauty product manufacturers, cable and internet providers, credit card offers, educational institutions, electronic dealers, entertainment groups, financial services, fitness organizations, health services, home improvement companies, insurance agents, investment bankers, travel offers and more!

  • Total Universe
  • Base Rate
  • List ID
  • Market Type
    Canadian Consumers
  • List Channels
    Postal, Telemarketing
  • Source
    Direct Response
    Mail Order Buyers
  • Output Options
    Electronic, Printed
  • Update Cycle
  • Minimum Order
    Quantity: 5,000
    Price: $375.00
  • Net Name
    Floor: 85%
    Minimum Quantity: 50,000
    Run Charges: $3.00 / M
  • Exchanges
    Please Inquire
  • Reuse
    Please Inquire
  • Cancellation Charges
    Please Inquire
  • Commission
    A standard 20% broker/agency commission is extended to all trade partners