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Are you searching for a responsive audience comprising annuity owners and senior consumers keen on securing their financial future through annuity investments? While selling annuities can be challenging, streamlining the process becomes easier when you target the right prospects. If your goal is to pinpoint individuals interested in diversifying their retirement portfolios, you're likely on the lookout for potential annuity buyers. In such cases, the Amerilist annuity buyers list proves invaluable. It allows you to zero in on consumers with established retirement plans and other investable assets ready to be allocated. Many of these individuals have already maximized their contributions to retirement plans and 401(k) accounts, making them prime candidates for new investment opportunities. Unleash the potential of this exclusive direct marketing list of annuity owners to connect with proactive individuals who are actively overseeing their financial future and seeking solutions to safeguard their retirement. Customize your marketing campaigns to cater to their needs and preferences, boosting engagement and conversion rates.

How Our Data is Compiled:

Our annuity investor’s database combines a wide range of sources to deliver the most accurate list of annuity buyers in the country. Most of the names on the list is compiled from self-reported sources including specialized investor sites, newsletters and public sources the data is then enhanced with demographic and lifestyle information from the Amerilist US Consumer Database. The entire database is updated monthly using NCOA (National Change of Address) processing.

Consider The Facts:

  • Age Profile: Annuity owners tend to be older individuals, often in or nearing retirement. Many people purchase annuities as part of their retirement planning to ensure a steady income stream during their later years.
  • Retirement Income: A significant portion of annuity owners use these financial products to supplement their retirement income. Annuities provide a predictable source of funds, which can help retirees cover essential expenses and maintain their standard of living.
  • Risk Aversion: Annuity owners often exhibit a preference for financial security and stability. They may be risk-averse individuals who prioritize guaranteed income over potentially higher but riskier investment returns.
  • Long-Term Planning: Annuity ownership typically reflects a commitment to long-term financial planning. People who purchase annuities are often focused on securing their financial future and ensuring they won't outlive their savings.
  • Diverse Backgrounds: Annuity owners come from diverse backgrounds and may have various financial goals. Some may use annuities as part of their estate planning, while others may opt for them to address specific financial needs, such as covering healthcare expenses in retirement.

Recommended Usage:

These investors are excellent targets for any financial marketing solutions provider who is trying to reach annuity buyers by direct mail, email or telemarketing. Offers are not only limited to finance but can also include upscale consumer products, credit cards, insurance, travel and leisure, stock offers, real estate offers, money management, private wealth, nonprofit / fundraising seminars and much more.

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