Successful camp directors turn to us for targeted summer camp direct marketing solutions including student mailing list and direct mail.


Households with Children

Reach parents who spare no expense when it comes to meeting their child's desires and aspirations.

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Motherhood database

Mothers are the gateway to sales. Amerilist helps you reach them. with this comprehensive file.

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Outdoor Fun Summer Camp Prospects

Today a majority of parent’s work which means they must have summer care for their school aged children.

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Tired of failed camp marketing efforts?

What do many of today’s successful summer camp marketers know that you may not? It’s that 40% of your success will depend on having the right list and a targeted accurate mailing list of households with camp aged children is a key factor.

For more than a decade, AmeriList has provided summer camps with winning direct marketing solutions, from campers mailing list, quality direct mail and targeted prospecting email marketing campaigns. If you are looking to boost summer camp enrollment registration, call one of our summer camp direct marketing specialist today.

We've got you covered.

We will help you plan, execute and manage and effective prospecting campaign to reach new potential summer camp students. Our campers mailing list are designed to identify those households in your marketing area with camp aged children. You can send targeted communications directly to parents with all vital information necessary to engage them during the crucial decisions making period.

Let us help you launch an innovative camp marketing solution that will boost your registration numbers. Call toll free today 1.800.457.2899