You may be reaching only 50% of your list! Outdated, inaccurate e-mail data is an enemy that works quietly to sabotage your success


Inaccurate Email Data Is Hurting Your Business

Recent research has shown that redundant email addresses, misspelt & incorrect domains, and fraudulent ids may be hurting you more than you know.

  • Budget is wasted trying to contact customers and prospects where they don’t exist.
  • Expensive employee labor hours are squandered in manual data maintenance.
  • The result of marketing campaigns can’t be properly determined because of inflated list count.
  • Customer satisfaction and company reputation suffer needlessly.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could separate the wheat from the chaff and work with only 100% accurate and highly credible domains? Well that’s exactly what our email validation solutions allow you to enjoy!, We will increase your mail deliverability and help you bid good-bye to hard bounces easily and affordably.

How Clean are Your Email Lists?

Don’t make the mistake of feeding junk ids to your business marketing machine!

Email is a profitable prospecting and CRM tool. But poor data quality can limit how successful your campaigns turn out to be. Our email validation service uses top tier, reliable databases and the most up to date information from our extensive network of partners to verify your email data from customer or prospect contact lists. The process takes minutes and gives you the power to bid good-bye to spam complaints, wasted collateral, hard bounces and undeliverable notifications for good. When it comes to marketing your results are only as good as your data, why not start with the best information? Entrust your email validation to professionals.

The AmeriList email verification advantage:

  • Allows you to maintain impeccable professional reputation with a high Sender’s Score that consistently stays in the 90s and easily gets you into the inbox of your client’s and prospects without sweating about deliverability issues.
  • Does SMTP Checks at the Inbox Level to ensure that you always send out your content and campaigns to email ids that actually exist.
  • Helps you be aware of potential(SPAM) traps, that might identify you as a marketer with poor list management, and blocks such addresses.
  • Helps you steer clear of high risk ids belonging to people who can stir up unnecessary trouble by tagging you a spammer and complaining against you.
  • Gives you a robust idea of your list count by getting rid of redundancies and addresses that do not (no longer) exist.

Call a member of our email verification team at 1.800.457.2899 or email us at for more information.



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